Halford’s Mark “Whopper” Watkins – World Champion


Heading into 1984, the UK still only had 1 World Champion officially on record (Louis Mears winning in Holland in 83) and with the 84 Worlds taking place in Japan and with the European Championships on his home turf in Birmingham it seemed like the Euros would be the priority for our riders looking for international glory and most decided to pass on the trip to Japan.

Still a small group of UK riders made it out to the Suzuka circuit which was close to Nagoya City for the 3rd IBMXF World Championships to date. Out of that small crew both Falcon’s Soap Dodger, David Maw and Halford’s Mark “Whopper” Watkins became World Champions and added their names alongside Louis as British World Champions.

Ron Peters

Sad news from Lars Sexton reaching out about the passing of former NBMXA Race Director, Ron Peters early this year.

Ron, along with his children Sue and Jamie discovered BMX in the early 80s in the North West (Wigan 3 Sisters and Chorley) and like so many families was hooked. Ron was one of the names behind the start of NBMXA, traveling up and down the country in the famous NBMXA Bus (used as registration); even today you can see in the background in so many great race images and videos from the NBMXA events during the 80s.

Ron would carry on in the sport until around 1988. Ron had taken the National Organization as far as he could possibly go and retired. In fact, good friend and NBMXA Referee, Bernard William had nominated Ron for an OBE for services to sport and the community, sadly this didn’t come to fruition, as Ron was not interested in that in the slightest, his reward had always been the sense of camaraderie and the smiles of the kids and the general togetherness that the whole period brought the family.

Friend at the time and Commentator, Tony Hoffman would often announce Ron over the commentary as Sir Ron Peters for all his hard work and dedication behind the scenes at NBMXA. He undoubtedly made an indelible mark and added to the great NBMXA history of the sport.

1986 NBMXA National Number 1s & British Champion Winners

NBMXA British Champions

17+ Marcus Rich, 16 David Morris,15 Andy Welsh, 14 Simon Blinkhorn, 13 Geremy Kenning, 12 Chris Bennett, 11 Mark Gleed, 10 Neil Huddart, 9 Matt Boyle, 8 David Maw, 7 Chris Hyde, 6 Stu Wilson, 5 Brad Anderson

13-15 Cruiser Paul Clakson, 16 + Cruiser Darrin Stock, 25-34 Cruiser Phil Turner, 35+ Cruiser John Johns

7& Under Girls Amy Dunn,  8-9 Girls Donna Hoffman, 10-11 Girls Lindsey Smale, 12-13 Girls Lisa Wright, 14+ Girls Sarah-Jane Nichols

NBMXA National Champions 

17+ Darrin Stock, 16 David Morris, 15 Sean Field, 14 Neal Wood, 13 Geremy Kenning, 12 Lee Pickstone, 11 Dylan Clayton, 10 Karl Moult, 9 Simon Jones, 8 David Maw, 7 Chris Hyde, 6 Stu Wilson, 5 Dale Masterman

13-15 Cruiser Paul Clarkson, 16+ Cruiser Darrin Stock, 25+ Cruiser Phil Turner,  35+ Cruiser John Terry

5-7 Girls Claire Buckinger,  8-9 Girls Donna Hoffman, 10-11 Girls Linsey Smale, 12-13 Girls Lisa Wright, 14+ Girls Sarah-Jane Nichols


Les Slater


We’re topping over 40 years of BMX Racing history in the UK which also means over 40 years worth of officials and behind the scenes people that have contributed and done so much for BMX racing in the UK that it is really it a tall order to give each and everyone a nod but we will try and hit on as many as possible as we continue to move forward, post and document.

For starters alone there is a long list of legendary names but maybe one of the most well-known, early starters has got to be Mr.Les Slater. Dad of Tony and probably like his partner during the peak years, Vic Roberts Les was featured in the mags regularly and appeared on TV when BMX was shown. Who can forget the clip of him disqualifying Brian Patterson for jumping the gate at the Gateshead round of the 84 Kelloggs that was broadcasted on the show end credits.

This shot of Les was in the 83 Aug issue of BMX Action Bike and from the looks of it could have been taken at the Halfords NEC indoor event.

Westway Local – Errol Mclean


Next up, it’s time to tip the hat to one of the Westway OG locals, featured in BMX Action Bikes “Meanwhile Madness” article, August issue 1983 2 page spread – Mr. Errol Mclean.

Errol, one of the Brunswick Boys crew who I think also worked at the legendary shop Alpine Action at some point. You cannot see any photos or video footage from those early 80s days from Westway without Errol being in the mix or featured.

Errol went on to ride for teams like Diamond Back, Skyway, Rainbow JMC and Hutch during the 85 Kelloggs and had a long stint on Edwards.

So much history, talent and foundation for UK BMX was made in London during those early 80s in BMX. Anything Scott Dick or Nigel Beatty posts are always a great read with their roots. And, I definitely think Errol is a huge part of that history.

1986 Tom Lynch


1986 was a big year for Tom Lynch coming into Superclass at only 16, signing for Tony Hoffman’s Robinson Team and quickly becoming the main man to beat in the class. Halford’s Darrin Stock challenged but by mid-summer, Tom was lighting up the comp in true Lynch fashion coming from behind. His performance at the 86 Euros in Germany beating the Dutch Amev Superclass Team in the final was impressive and still talked about today.

At the Slough Worlds again Lynch was looking like the guy to beat finishing 3rd in the Final which was a huge result even though we know Tom wanted more. The Dutch Amev were not about to let it happen again but it was still a great few weeks for the Lynch Man.

Rounding up the 86 season, Tom left Robinson and went to ASR wrapping up the UKBMX Superclass number 1 plate in the process. What would have been interesting to see is how Tom would have done if he had lined up with the UK Pros around this time with the likes of Ruffs, Shooter, Schofield and March. It would have been interesting to see who would’ve came out on top.

1986 UKBMX Rankings

IMG_6683 2

Superclass Tom Lynch 17 + Winnie Wright 16s Lee Alexander 15s Andy Welsh 14s Neal Wood, 13s Jeremy Kenning 12s Lee Pickstone 11s Dylan Clayton 10s Gary Bowman 9s Matt Boyle 8s David Maw 7s Gareth Blades 6s Johnathan Clarke 5s Daniel Worthington

Supergirls Karen Murphy 15 Girls Sarah Jane-Nichols 14 Girls Emma Crew 13 Girls Lisa Wright 12 Girls Caroline Coward 11 Girls Lynsey Smale 10 Girls Adele Croxon 9 Girls Donna Hoffman 8 Girls Lyndsey Gilmer 7 Girls Karen Johnson 6 Girls Natasha Sweeting 5 Girls Angela Robinson

35+ Cruiser Pete Dymott 25-34 Cruiser Frank Tennant 18-24 Cruiser Andy Brettle 16-17 Cruiser Darrin Stock 14-15 Cruiser Paul Clarkson 13 & Under Cruiser Anthony Revell