2023 British BMX Hall of Fame update

The 2023 British BMX Hall of Fame will take place this year at The National Conference Centre and Motorcycle Museum, Solihull on Saturday 11th November.

We are already in the thick of it with planning. We welcome everyone’s thoughts and comments, so feel free to engage with us via email or our Facebook and Instagram pages. We appreciate the feedback and the conversations and debates they generate.

One announcement we have is that Andy Ruffell will no longer be working with us on the Hall of Fame for 2023. We part on amicable terms and want to thank Andy for all of his work on last year’s Hall of Fame event. We all wish Andy the best of luck and success with his film and music industry projects.

We also welcome Daryl Gibbard as our lead design guru who will be in charge of all things HOF design related. Those of you who bought merchandise at last year’s event will already be familiar with Daryl’s work.

Right now we are considering the addition of a few more categories for 2023 and opening up the nominees from 8 in each category to 10, among a few other planned changes.

On the Freestyle side, we’ve teamed up with Will Smyth and DIG BMX Magazine plus some other soon to be revealed freestyle big hitters to have a more specialist selection group/panel in place for the freestyle categories. More to come on that in the near future.

We will also be adding more people to the general selection/voting panel who specialize in specific categories, including some of last year’s inductees.

A full update on our Organizing Committee and the selection panel is coming soon. Please feel free to continue to send thoughts, comments and input.

Dale, Mike and Darren.

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