Luli Adeyemo – 1986 IBMXF World Champion

Luli Adeyemo is perhaps another UK rider from the mid 80s and early 90s who is not talked about much that definitely knocked-out some big results during her time racing. Luli was a Newark East Midlands local that became World Champion in 1986 at the Slough Worlds, was National and British Champion numerous times battling with the likes of Lisa Wright riding for Axo, Scorpion & Profile during the peak of her racing.

Luli almost became European Champion in 1988 in Slagharen – just missing out – and also won the ABA Race of Champions at the Grands in 89 in the US. On top of that, she had a great personality, smiling and last we’ve heard, she’s living down under in Australia and if we’re correct we seem to remember her brother was a dancer on Top of the Pops!

PC: Steve Bardens / Invert

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