Podcast – Darren Wood

Over in the UK at the moment and a great time to nail a few podcasts whilst here.  Early this week I got to spend some time with Darren Wood and his family, hit some pump tracks and tracks around London and, of course, sit down and record a pod. 

When you think about the early UK Factory Teams we saw in the magazines, Darren is right there in the mix riding for Skyway, Pro-Lite, SE, Raleigh and so on. 

We talk of being part of the “Age Group of Death” with Stu Diggens, Tom Lynch, Lee Alexander and co., alongside tracks and riders that came from UKBMX Region 9 London area. 

Darren talks about his mum and dad’s involvement in the sport.  Dad Sam being team manager for Raleigh during the Ruffell, Schofield era and Chairman of UKBMX.

We hit on Darren turning Superclass, winding down his career, which included giving away boxes of bikes and gear to the new to BMX Czech Republic riders that were in Slough for the 1991 European Championships. 

Darren talks about being back in BMX with his son Arthur, who is riding and racing with the same love and passion Darren had.

Check it out. 

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