• The UKs first ever International Event – Halfords International 1981 Redditch

    Thank you to Mr. Steve Wilson for bringing this to our attention. After conducting more research, thanks to Brian Jones and the May 8th, 1981 issue of BMX News Newspaper, we learned about the first-ever British International BMX Meeting, which took place in Redditch on May 3rd, 1981. This event was sponsored by Halfords and organized by Alan Rushton’s Sports Plus. At the time, just under 300 riders participated, despite the vile weather conditions reported in the BMX News article. It was the largest race held in the UK at that time. On the international front, riders such as Greg Esser, Jamie Burrows, and Kerensky Bullard traveled from the United…

  • Podcast – Nigel Page

    After 16 years with Chain Reaction Cycles and Nukeproof Team Manager on the UK and World Cup Mountain Bike scene, Nigel Page’s job has come to an end unfortunately while he was out here in California on holiday with his family. Nigel gives us the rundown on what happened with Chain Reaction and his program, some of the riders and amazing results they’ve gotten over the years and thoughts on moving forward. Nigel gives us his thoughts on the mountain bike industry as it sits today and, like BMX, in a tough place right now with brands, jobs and racing and the state of the bicycle industry. We also talk…

  • British BMX Hall of Fame 2024 UPDATE

    2024 marks the third year of the British BMX Hall of Fame. Whilst we will continue to nominate and induct people into the Hall of Fame annually, and continue to document the history of British BMX racing and freestyle via this website and our social media channels, we have decided to take a year off hosting an annual award ceremony in 2024. We know this may come as a disappointment to many and is a decision we have not arrived at lightly. However, we are all too aware that the UK economy (and especially the bicycle industry) is at an all time low right now and many of our target…

  • EBA National Rankings 1991

    Super Girls
 Lisa Wright, Claire Edwards, Caroline Carey, Michaela Fordham, Andrea Holtham, Jane Lewis, Claire Morrison, Loma Harris, Emma Dobson, Sarah King Superclass Dale Holmes, Anthony Revell, Ian Sharpe, Neal Wood, Jamie Staff, Darren O’Neill, Winnie Wright, Damon Parkinson, Alan Hill, Rob Stobart Supercruiser Anthony Revell, Dale Holmes, Darren O’Neill, Ian Sharpe, Alan Hill, Neal Wood, Tom Lynch, Rob Stobart, Lee Hunt, Nick Lacey 18+ Rob Denman, 17s Conrad Wesson, 16s Dylan Clayton, 15s Andrew Please, 14s Nick Gill, 13s Mark Cocks, 12s Chris Hyde, 11s Sam Stobart, 10s Danny Worthington, 9s Kelvin Batey, 8s Marc Thompson, 7s Michael Aird, 6s Liam Batey, 5s Christopher Hogg 40+ Cruiser Pete Dymott, 25/39 Cruiser Anthony Brennan, 18/24 Cruiser Darren Jennings, 16/17 Cruiser Simon Dowson, 14/15 Cruiser Craig Edwards, 12/13 Cruiser Peter Holland, 10/11 Cruiser Marco Dellisola, 9 & Under Cruiser Gary Oliver 25+ Girls Cruiser Val Wakefield, 14/24 Girls Cruiser Kerri Edgworth, 13 & Under Girls…

  • EBA British Championships 1992

    Superclass Anthony Revell, Jamie Staff, Darren O’Neill Super Cruiser Jamie Staff, Anthony Revell, Alan Hill Supergirls Adele Croxon, Nicola Webb, Kerri Edgworth 18+ Nick Gwinnett, Bobby Hyde, Keith Duly 17s Dylan Clayton, Darren Reidy, Jamie Boness 16s Simon Kelman, Dave Cash, Matthew Pratley 15s Nick Gill, Steven Stobbart, Simon Lawther 14s Phillip Brooke Smith, Ross Hill, Jamie Maloney 13s Scott Beaumont, Gavin Arblaster, Damian Williams 12s Fraser Watson, Gareth Hewitt, Paul Robinson 11s Mark Huband, Allan Ward, Lewis Bacon 10s Kelvin Batey, Gary Oliver, Matt Allen 9s Marc Thompson, Simon Homans, Alex Dick 8s Michael Aird, Tom Hyde, Jacob Hammond 7s Lee Gunn, Mathew Chapman, Adam Hart 6s Chris Hogg,…

  • Podcast – Steve Rooke

    I first met Steve Rooke at Redditch Trails back in 1997 when a bunch of us would go over to ride on the unused Redditch track, which was the home of the Anglo American Cup. Steve still rides today and was out in Newport Beach for the One Love Jam a few weeks ago, so he drove down to San Diego and we caught up and recorded a podcast for British BMX Hall of Fame.  We talk about everything from Steve being a Redditch track local in the early 80s, going to Steve Wilson’s to get his frame welded, riding freestyle and flatland and UKBFA Comps. Steve talks about doing…

  • EBA British Championships 1991

    18+ Darren Jennings, 17s Conrad Wesson, 16s Gary Styles, 15s Simon Kelman, 14s Craig Edwards, 13s Gary O’Brien, 12s Chris Hyde, 11s Sam Stobart, 10s Stephen Murray, 9s Kelvin Batey, 8s Marc Thompson, 7s Michael Aird, 6s Liam Batey, 5s Chris Hogg 40+ Cruiser Pete Dymott, 25/39 Cruiser Anthony Brennan, 18/24 Cruiser Keith Duly, 16/17 Cruiser Simon Dowson, 14/15 Cruiser Nick Gill, 12/13 Cruiser Scott Beaumont, 10/11 Cruiser Stephen Murray, 9 & Under Cruiser Gary Oliver  25 + Girls Cruiser Val Wakefield, 14/24 Girls Cruiser Kerri Edgworth, 13 & Under Girls Cruiser Claire Lucas 15 Girls Adele Croxon, 14 Girls Kerri Edgworth, 13 Girls Lauren Shaw-Sands, 12 Girls Claire Lucas, 11 Girls Vikki Overson, 10 Girls Angela Robinson, 9 Girls Nicola Anderson, 8 Girls Katie Dayson, 7 Girls Pamela Greatorex, 6 Girls Michelle Kirk, 5 Girls Jennifer Groves SuperclassDale HolmesDarren O’Neill Anthony RevellNeal WoodRobin MasonIan SharpeDamon ParkinsonLee Pickstone SupercruiserDale HolmesAnthony RevellRobin Mason Super GirlsAndrea HoltamLisa WrightCaroline CareyJane LewisMichaela FordhamClaire EdwardsSarah KingEmma Dobson  

  • EBA British Championships 1990

    (American Adventure Derbyshire) Supergirls Luli Adeyemo Superclass Ian SharpeSupercruiser Dale Holmes 17+Robert Hill, 16s Conrad Wesson, 15s Lee Ives, 14s Andy Please, 13s Simon Lawther, 12s Simon Yates, 11s Chris Hyde, 10s David Coleman, 9s Andy Weatherhogg, 8s Kelvin Batey, 7s Gary Helders, 6s Michael Aird, 5s Andrew Holland 40+ Cruiser Pete Dymott, 25/39 Cruiser Ralph Kefler, 18/24 Cruiser Darren Jennings, 16/17 Cruiser Mark Perks, 14/15 Cruiser Lee Ives, 12/13 Cruiser Nick Gill, 10/11 Cruiser Lee Bertram, 9 & Under Cruiser Stephen Murray  25 + Girls Cruiser Ann Rees, 14/24 Girls Cruiser Luli Adeyemo, 13 & Under Girls Cruiser Kelly Jo Sanders  15 Girls Claire Edwards, 14 Girls Adele Croxon, 13 Girls Kerrie Jane Hopkins, 12 Girls Joanne Berry, 11 Girls Claire Lucas, 10 Girls Joanne Miller, 9 Girls Angela Robinson, 8 Girls Nicola Anderson, 7 Girls Gemma Worthington, 6 Girls Nicola Blamey, 5 Girls Jennifer Groves

  • EBA National Rankings 1990

    Super GirlsLuli AdeyemoLisa WrightMandy HempstockAndrea HolthamCaroline CareyKaren StanersEmma Crew  SuperclassDale HolmesNeal WoodGeth ShooterAnthony RevellIan SharpeWinnie Wright Tom LynchDarren O’NeillTony FlemingRobin Mason SupercruiserDale HolmesAnthony RevellDarren O’NeillNeal WoodIan SharpeTom LynchAlan HillWinnie WrightRobin MasonIan Archibald 17+ Chad Markland, 16s Jamie Staff, 15s Dylan Clayton, 14s Andy Please, 13s Matt Boyle, 12s Gary O’Brien, 11s Chris Hyde, 10s Rory Woodall, 9s Danny Worthington, 8s Kelvin Batey, 7s Gary Helders, 6s Michael Aird, 5s Liam Batey 40+ Cruiser Pete Dymott, 25/39 Cruiser Anthony Brennan, 18/24 Cruiser Darren Jennings, 16/17 Cruiser Rob Burton, 14/15 Cruiser Simon Dowson, 12/13 Cruiser Matt Boyle, 10/11 Cruiser Lee Bertram, 9 & Under Cruiser Stephen Murray  25 + Girls Cruiser Barbara Harbour, 14/24 Girls Cruiser Lisa Wright, 13 & Under Girls Cruiser Kerri Edgworth  15 Girls Claire Edwards, 14 Girls Adele Croxon, 13 Girls Jamie Anne Tweedie, 12 Girls Lauren Shaw-Sands, 11 Girls Claire Lucas, 10 Girls Vikki Preston, 9 Girls Angela Robinson, 8 Girls Joey Gough, 7 Girls Gemma Worthington, 6 Girls Pamela Greatorex, 5 Girls Jennifer Groves

  • New Podcast with Paul Roberts talking about the 2nd Annual British BMX Hall of Fame 

    New Podcast with Paul Roberts talking about the 2nd Annual British BMX Hall of Fame that went down at The National Conference Centre and Motorcycle Museum, in Solihull on Saturday, Nov. 11th. Paul gives us his views on the event, the inductees for 2023 and overall thoughts on the 2nd annual event. Of course we touch on British trivia and history that Paul and I might not have been aware of. Don’t forget to check out our British BMX Hall of Fame Social Media and Youtube channel for more updates, stories, videos & interviews from the event. Check it out.