• NBMXA Nottingham National 1984

    The NBMXA 1984 season opener at Nottingham featured in BMX Bi-Weekly Volume 4 Issue 8. With registration, practice and a full National with over 700 riders to be ran in just one day, the NBMXA crew got caught off guard and by the semis, as they had run out of day light and didn’t have floodlights.  So, the race had to be postponed before the finals and finished as a double-header National later in the year. UKBMX regular Chris Simmons (Diamond Back) who at the time was looking to redeem himself in Nottingham after crashing out at the 83 Derby British Championships but after the lights went out he’d have to…

  • CV – Pete Middleton

    Hometown Walthamstow, East London. Raced 79 – 86. Sponsors Ace, Skyway, Mongoose, ASR. Results Won the first ever race in the UK, Brockwell Park 1979. Won first money race (Isle of Man). Won first official UK Pro Money race at Landseer Road, Ipswich. Competition Early years, Alan Woods, Steve Gratton, Craig Burrows, John Lee. Later years, Tim March, Trevor Robinson, Geth Shooter, Andy Ruffell. Photo Credit Linda Rich

  • Marcus Rich

    Shot of Marcus Rich at Southampton we’re thinking 81/82ish.  Marcus went on to become double British Champion in 1986 and UK BMX National number 2 the same year but for some reason never scored a Factory ride. PC: Linda Rich

  • CV – Andy Please

    Hometown Poole Dorset / Perth, Western Australia Sponsors Zeronine, Robinson, TNT Years Racing 1981 – 91 Competition Chico Hooke, Wally Pack, Sam Dovey, Simon Kelman, Tom Foreman, Robert Sprokholt, Daan Levy Results 5 x National No.1 3 x British Champion Euro Cup winner 1990 European Champion 2nd – 8th over 7 years World Championships 3rd in 1988 Photo Credit Steve Bardens

  • British BMX History Book

    If you’ve not already checked it out there is a pretty cool Facebook Page at the moment that’s caught some steam in the UK BMX Old and Mid School World: We Were RAD. Basically, Anthony Frascina, Andrew Rigby and Clint Pilkington are putting together a British history book of BMX and people have been submitting photos, stories and interviews via the Facebook group. Check it out, there are some great images and it’s super cool the guys are documenting more British BMX history moving forward. PC: John Davis

  • 1984 NBMXA National Bromsgrove

    1984 NBMXA National at Bromsgrove in the West Midlands has got to go down as one of the muddiest UK Nationals of the 80s and probably 90s as well thinking about it. What did make this race interesting was appearances from GT/US riders; Robert Fehd, Kevin Hull and Darwin Griffin who had made the trip over.  Fehd and Hull went 1st and 2nd in 17+ but Griffin had problems and didn’t feature top 3 in his class (15 expert) which was won by the new kid on the block at the time, Gary Llewellyn, who had just got onto Mongoose earlier that year.

  • BMX Bi-Weekly / Derrick Owens

    BMX Bi-Weekly Volume 5 / Issue 6 (April 26-May 9) 1985 featuring Birmingham Wheels’ Derrick Owens on the cover at the first UKBMX National of the year at Hounslow followed by John Oakins and Martin Jeffs.

  • John Bilner, Lee Flavin, Steve Gilley, Scott Barber

    Outwell outdoor – John Bilner (5), Lee Flavin (outside) Steve Gilley (6), Scott Barber (1 Torker). Lee Flavin went onto ride for Redline, Raleigh, Prolite and Rainbow JMC and place 2nd at the 83 Slagharen Worlds. Steve Gilley went to Kuwahara Factory soon after this shot but along with Scott Barber had left the sport by 1984. Lee Flavin retired a few years after with only John Bilner continuing to race into the 90s.

  • Chris Young

    It’s very rare these days that riders are both good/compete at Freestyle (is it even called that now?) and Racing, as they seem worlds apart. The closest all around riders that shred today at both would be Barry Nobles and Vic Behm in the US. Back in the 80s/90s it was pretty common that guys could do both at high levels especially when Dirt Jumping Comps kicked in during the 90s with guys like Stephen and Martin Murray, Dylan Clayton, Keith Duly, Tony Fleming, Kye Forte, Clive Gosling and Paul Roberts (among others) raced and hit up the KOD events which ran during a National race weekend. Chris Young is a…