• Craig Strong – Official BMX Magazine 1981

    Craig Strong – 1981 Official BMX Magazine Number 4 – This shot came from the “Burning up the Forest” article with fellow Bournemouth rider, Daryl Fudge, which was taken in the New Forest and was featured in a 4-page spread in this issue. Within the next few years, Craig became famously known in the BMX World as the “Wheelie King”, breaking the World Record in 1983.

  • Clive Gosling

    You can look at any image of Clive Gosling that goes back to his Edwards days, right through his career at Zeronine, Revcore, Robinson, Elf, and GT and the list goes on. Clive has always had style on the bike and looked Factory. He’s still doing great things in the bicycle industry today.  

  • 3 x World Champion – David Maw

    It goes without saying that if an official, British BMX Hall of Fame comes into play in the next few years that David Maw’s name has got to be one of the first racers to be named in the mix. Sadly, David lost his life in a car accident back in 1996 but his legacy in the sport is still talked about and respected now. Even today in the race World, his records as a British rider have not been matched. A 3 x times World Champion back-to-back from 1984 Japan, 85 Canada and making it 3 in a row with his legendary ride at the 86 Slough World Championships,…

  • Jeremy Kenning

    For some reason when we talk about successful British riders from the 80s a lot of people forget to mention GT’s, Jeremy Kenning. The first spotting of Jeremy on the National circuit was perhaps the final UKBMX National of 84 at Wigan when, as an unknown, Jeremy showed up and beat all the big names across the county in his class and went on to get picked up by GT over the winter months. For the next few years, Jeremy dominated both UKBMX & NBMXA winning the majority of the titles in both associations. At the 86 World Championships at Slough, Jeremy came in 2nd place in the final behind…

  • Tim March makes British History

    Mid-Current School Photographer, Paul Bliss, sent us this image that was taken by Mr. Goodsell at the 1982 Halfords Anglo American Cup at Redditch. Tim March making British history as the first rider to beat the Americans on home soil. We hit Tim up with some questions about the legendary event and what it was like to beat US Stars, Harry Leary, Greg Esser and co. Pre 1982 Halfords Anglo American Cup event at Redditch, you were on GT and only ranked 10th Nationally from the year before. How was your season going at the time? I raced less than half a season if I remember correctly the previous year,…

  • Conrad Buffong – Pickett’s Lock

    Pickett’s Lock Indoor Grand Prix London 1983 featured in BMX Action Bike – Conrad Buffong coming in 2nd place in the bunny hop comp (35 inches) behind Andy Ruffell (39 inches) who also won the Freestyle event with Craig Campbell and Chris Young in 2nd and 3rd. Craig Strong broke the wheelie world record at 1 hour 16 minutes. In racing, Tim March took the 16 and over class and the whole event made ITN News that night.

  • Martin Jose

    Raleigh’s Martin Jose was known for winning Nationals and number 1 plates but could still throw down some style as well. This image was taken over the tabletop at Isleworth back in 84 in the pages of BMX Action Bike.