Extra BMX Action

Back in the late 80s and early 90s, BMX was going through a tough period industry wise with Magazines and sponsors disappearing as the sport took a drop. Much like in the U.S., the U.K. race scene was still solid without the corporate money it had seen in the early 80s and with many of the media outlets disappearing. Zines and Newsletters started appearing more regularly at the races to ensure everyone got their BMX news fix with coverage put together from the Riders/Clubs and Die-hards themselves. UK BMX / EBA started their own, Zines/Magazine, that came out at National events. It changed its name and look over the years but during the early 90s it was called Extra BMX Action with Nev Hollis (Editor) putting it together.


1986 Champion of Champions Tamworth

Superclass Tom Lynch, Darrin Stock, Tony Fleming

Supercruiser Darrin Stock, Lee Alexander, David Morris

Supergirls Karren Murphy, Nicola Dodwell, Melanie Vauvelle  

7s Chris Hyde, 8s Davide Maw, 9s Bean Beasley, 10s Gary Bowman, 11s Nick Lacey, 12s David McPherson, 13s Paul Jones, 14s Anthony Howells, 15s Dean Iddiols, 16s Tim Print, 17+ Marcus Rich

35+ Cruiser Pete Dymott, 25-34 Cruiser Frank Tennant, 18-24 Cruiser Andy Pallemaerts, 16-17 Cruiser Colin Chivers, 14-15 Cruiser Dean Iddiols, 13 & Under Cruiser Anthony Revell

Girls Claire Hutchins, Lisa Wright, Lea Pendleton, Amy Wojcik, Amy Dunn 

1985 Champion of Champions (Perry Park Birmingham)

Pro Geth Shooter Superclass Steve Bigland

17+ Charlie Reynolds, 16s John Izzard, 15s Dave Morris, 14s Wayne Lewellyn, 13s Neal Wood, 12s Paul Jones, 11s Jamie Staff, 10s Dylan Clayton, 9s Gary Bowman, 8s Matt Boyle, 7s Gary O’Brien, 6s Dennis Watson, 5s Johnathan Clark

Cruiser 13 & Under Russ Cook, Cruiser 14/15 Darren Wood, Cruiser 16/17 Charlie Reynolds, Cruiser 18/24 Errol McClean, Cruiser 25/39 Pete Dymott, Cruiser 40 + John Johns

Girls 16 + Joanne Nokes, Girls 14/15 Karen Murphy, Girls 12/13 Lisa Wrights, Girls 10/11 Anna Morris, Girls 8/9 Natalie Long, 7 & Under Girls Lindsey Gilmer

Geoff Wiles / Steve Gratton / Wayne Llewellyn

There are definitely a few key pioneers of the sport of BMX in the UK in this shot. Geoff Wiles on the mic who helped launch BMX in Britain along with Malcom & Sue Jarvis and Alan Rushton. Geoff also did some commentating on television as the sport of BMX took off. Next to Geoff, Steve Gratton, who was was ranked number 2 in the UK back in 1982 in the 16+ class behind Robinson’s, Alan Woods. Steve was also a well known Skateboarder and behind Steve in the pic is multi National and European Champion, Wayne Llewellyn who was picked up by Mongoose and went big time in racing before retiring and becoming a Heavy-Weight boxer. Let’s not forget the guy chilling on the Raleigh-Commando!

1985 NBMXA National Champions

Pro Geth Shooter

16+ Steve Bigland, 15s Tom Lynch, 14s Andy Welsh, 13s Dale Holmes, 12s Jeremy Kenning, 11s Chris Bennett, 10s Phil Smith, 9s Charles Shooter, 8s Simon Jones, 7s David Maw, 6s Graham Strickland, 5s Johnathan Clark

Cruiser 25+ Phil Turner, Cruiser 16+ Steve Bigland, Cruiser 13/15 Tim Print

14+ Girls Rachel Holmes, 12/13 Girls Emma Crew, 10/11 Girls Caroline Goward, 8/9 Girls Michelle Webster, 5/7 Girls Jane Hibbert

Screen Sports Series Overall Number 1 Pro Andy Ruffell

1984 NBMXA British Championship

17+ Simon Bailey, 16s Geth Shooter, 15s Lloyd Grove, 14s Rich Freeman, 13s Nick Dalton, 12s Derrick Owens, 11s Stuart Anderson, 10s Matt James, 9s Mike Nichols, 8s Neil Huddart, 7s Nicholas Gill, 6s David Maw, 5s James Lee

Cruiser Geth Shooter

14+ Girls Julie Woodward, 11-13 Girls Rachel Holmes, 8-10 Girls Caroline Goward, 5-7 Girls Donna Hoffman

RIP Damian Myles

Today, Damian Myles was laid to rest. Seven bmx’ers lead him out as Guards of Honour, making Damian the 8th rider on the gate with a special Hutch bike and Aero custom Hutch/Mongoose number plate. Carl Hughes, Darren Oakes, Scott Williams, Darren Nelson, Darren Reidy, Simon Bailey, Andy Oldham and John Bentley all led the way on their bikes sporting Damian Myles UKBMX Legend t-shirts along with Damain’s family and friends. Andy Oldham and Darren Nelson were ranked UKBMX National number 2 and 3 in 1983 behind Damian which makes it even more special from the BMXers side and respect to Damain. Thoughts go to all the family and friends and of course, little Ruby. RIP Damian Myles.