British BMX Hall of Fame 2023 / Nominees in all categories

With the World BMX Championships and the Brits now in the rear view mirror, we are able to look forward to the British BMX Hall of Fame 2023 on November 11th 2023.

Nominees in all categories are now locked in and our selection panel members now have the task of selecting who the Inductees of the BBMXHOF Class of 2023 will be. Please keep your comments and feedback coming on our various social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) as we read and take them all in into consideration when making our final decisions. Here’s a recap of this year’s nominees.

Hall of Fame 2023 Hotel info

Please find discount and code for both The Manor Hotel (Meriden) and The Windmill Village Hotel, Golf & Spa.

Single room with Breakfast £129 with discount £115.

Twin room with Breakfast £139 with discount £125.

Ring up and Quote: 1111BMX.

Hotel Meriden, Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill, Main Road, Meriden, Solihull, CV7 7NH. Tel: 01676 522735

Windmill Village Hotel, Golf Club & Spa, Birmingham Road, Allesley, Coventry, CV5 9AL. Tel: 02476 404040


We are now less than 5 months away from the second British BMX Hall of Fame Banquet and Induction Ceremony and are looking forward to welcoming our guests to another amazing night of BMX history and nostalgia but more importantly the opportunity to meet up again with long lost friends and to celebrate and honour some of the incredible people who have made British BMX the great sport it is today.

As many of you will appreciate, a lot of planning and organising goes on behind the scenes to make this event happen.  This involves the Organising Committee (Dale Holmes, Darren O’Neill, Daryl Gibbard and Mike Wong) liaising with the venue, caterers, vendors and partners/sponsors to make sure everything goes to plan on the night and everyone who attends has an unforgettable night, and the Selection Panel (led by Dale, Will Smyth/DIG BMX Magazine, Neil Waddington/Ride On BMX and everyone they consult with) to research the hundreds of worthy contenders for induction this year, before then whittling it down to a shortlist of 10 (which we have now started posting and are finding all of your various comments and suggestions really interesting).

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has bought their tickets already.  We appreciate your continued support.  However, we would like to reach out to everyone who has expressed an interest in this year’s event to please purchase their tickets as soon as possible.  We have reduced attendance from last year to make the event more intimate and more manageable (as everyone involved in BBMXHOF are unpaid volunteers), but this means we have less tickets available for BBMXHOF 2023.

So if you attended, last year, had a great time and want to attend again, please buy your ticket(s) as soon as possible.  If you bought/sponsored a table last year so you could be seated with a specific group of friends and want to do the same again this year, please get in touch ASAP so we can arrange that for you.

It’s worth reminding everyone (because the BMX rumour mill runs wild sometimes) that the British BMX Hall of Fame is not a money making venture for the organisers.  Its purpose always has been and will be to commemorate and preserve the history of British BMX and to celebrate and honour those who have contributed to its rich fabric over the years.  Hopefully, all of those who attended last year will confirm we delivered a great night which was value for money.

As such, we can’t stress enough we rely on the support of the British BMX public to help us create this event year on year.  The easiest way to support BBMXHOF is to simply buy a ticket here: Tickets.

But if you also want to get more involved we also have a number of partner/sponsor packages available.  Please contact any of Dale, Darren, Mike or Daryl to receive our partner/sponsor deck which sets out the various packages available.

Sorry for the longer than usual post, but we are putting our hearts and souls into this event, and wanted to remind everyone that the event is fast looming and tickets are limited.

Please help us spread the word of BBMXHOF.

2023 British BMX Hall of Fame update

The 2023 British BMX Hall of Fame will take place this year at The National Conference Centre and Motorcycle Museum, Solihull on Saturday 11th November.

We are already in the thick of it with planning. We welcome everyone’s thoughts and comments, so feel free to engage with us via email or our Facebook and Instagram pages. We appreciate the feedback and the conversations and debates they generate.

One announcement we have is that Andy Ruffell will no longer be working with us on the Hall of Fame for 2023. We part on amicable terms and want to thank Andy for all of his work on last year’s Hall of Fame event. We all wish Andy the best of luck and success with his film and music industry projects.

We also welcome Daryl Gibbard as our lead design guru who will be in charge of all things HOF design related. Those of you who bought merchandise at last year’s event will already be familiar with Daryl’s work.

Right now we are considering the addition of a few more categories for 2023 and opening up the nominees from 8 in each category to 10, among a few other planned changes.

On the Freestyle side, we’ve teamed up with Will Smyth and DIG BMX Magazine plus some other soon to be revealed freestyle big hitters to have a more specialist selection group/panel in place for the freestyle categories. More to come on that in the near future.

We will also be adding more people to the general selection/voting panel who specialize in specific categories, including some of last year’s inductees.

A full update on our Organizing Committee and the selection panel is coming soon. Please feel free to continue to send thoughts, comments and input.

Dale, Mike and Darren.