1986 NBMXA British Championships

17+ Marcus Rich, 16s David Morris,15s Andy Welsh, 14s Simon Blinkhorn, 13s Geremy Kenning, 12s Chris Bennett, 11s Mark Gleed, 10s Neil Huddart, 9s Matt Boyle, 8s David Maw, 7s Chris Hyde, 6s Stu Wilson, 5s Brad Anderson

13-15 Cruiser Paul Clakson, 16+ Cruiser Darrin Stock, 25-34 Cruiser Phil Turner, 35+ Cruiser John Johns

7& Under Girls Amy Dunn,  8-9 Girls Donna Hoffman, 10-11 Girls Lindsey Smale, 12-13 Girls Lisa Wright, 14+ Girls Sarah-Jane Nichols

1985 NBMXA British Championships


Up next, the 1985 NBMXA British Championships at Derby Greyhound Stadium. Politics came into full effect here as UKBMX decided to run a National at Exeter the same weekend meaning you had to choose if you raced both federations. The only positive was the Pros were able to race Exeter Sunday and blasted up the motorway to Derby Sunday night and raced the British Championships Monday which was a Bank Holiday.

Still, Derby had 1200 riders despite the clash and even though a lot of the Factory big names were in Exeter it opened the door once again like the 84 British Championships for new names to shine. One of these guys was Tim O’Shea, who had spent some time in the States and took the double in 17+ and also 16+ Cruiser.

In the Pros, Pete Middleton took the win (325 pounds) over the 3 finals keeping it consistent all day long. Geth Shooter placed 1, 1, 6 in the finals but handed the win to Pete with that last main finish but still earned himself an extra 250 pounds for the NBMXA overall Series for 85.

16s Tim O’Shea, Will Smyth, Ian Carroll 15s Robin Mason, Ivan Bass, Kim Carbutt 14s Paul Clarkson, Nigel Kenning, Ian Dixon 13s Simon Blinkhorn, Lee Mullarkey, Peter South 12s Jeremy Kenning, Adrian Newberry, Darren Currie 11s Gareth Shea, Neil Johns, Chris Bennett 10s Nathan Bash, Mark Boulden, David Higgins 9s Paul Hancock, Karl Moult, Graham Wardale 8s James Renton, Simon Jones, Stephen Craigan 7s David Maw, Richard McEwan, Barry Scott 6s Graham Strickland, Paul Richter, Darren Keown 5s Stu Wilson, Owen Vallender, Tom Mounsey

Cruiser 16+ Tim O’Shea, Ian Mason Cruiser 13/15 Darren O’Neill, Nick Fiddler, Tristan Tack

14+ Girls Nicola Dodwell, Karen Richmond, Maria Hall 12-13 Girls Lisa Wright, Debbie Maltby, Chaire Rivans 10-11 Girls Caroline Goward, Andrea Haltam, Debbie Freeston 8-9 Girls Donna Hoffman, Natalie Long, Adele Croxon 5-7 Girls Jane Hibbert, Charlotte Clark, Jill Fitzgibbon

1984 NBMXA British Championship

17+ Simon Bailey, 16s Geth Shooter, 15s Lloyd Grove, 14s Rich Freeman, 13s Nick Dalton, 12s Derrick Owens, 11s Stuart Anderson, 10s Matt James, 9s Mike Nichols, 8s Neil Huddart, 7s Nicholas Gill, 6s David Maw, 5s James Lee

Cruiser Geth Shooter

14+ Girls Julie Woodward, 11-13 Girls Rachel Holmes, 8-10 Girls Caroline Goward, 5-7 Girls Donna Hoffman

1983 NBMXA British Championships

17+ Darren Bullock, 16s Mark Cracknell, 15s Scott Williams, 14s Gary O’Connor, 13s Stu Diggins, 12s Nick Dalton, 11s Brad Smith, 10s John Greaves, 9s Alan Brookes, 8s Zac Taylor, 7s Neil Huddart, 6s Nick Simms, 5s David Maw

Senior Girls Sharon Elliott, Intermediate Women Sarah-Jane Nichols, Junior Girls Rebecca Slowley

Cruiser Dave Thomas