British BMX Hall of Fame

Every year many of us Brits attend the USA BMX Hall of Fame Awards event in San Diego. The conversation amongst us at the end of the weekend is, “We need to do this back home in the UK”. Over the years we’ve had countless conversations with many of our friends about the very same subject. Maybe a lot of us were just hoping someone else would take the initiative to do it. Then, another year passes by without anything happening.

Mike Wong recently reminded us of a Scott Dick (Uncle Buck) quote that resonated with us when talking about the early days of BMX in the UK: “BMX always belonged to the kids, and the parents were just looking after it until the kids were old enough to look after it themselves”. Well, “we the riders” are a little late to the gate but we decided it’s time we started to look after or at least started to preserve the British BMX History part of BMX as much as we can and get on with doing it.

Over the last month, a group of us along with other well respected friends and industry folks in the background have been talking almost on a daily basis and actually putting things into place to roll out the British BMX Hall of Fame in 2022.

There is still a lot to do but the plan is tentatively for an event in Oct/Nov 2022 in Birmingham. A full Hall of Fame banquet event with the induction of our first British Hall of Famers for 2022 in all categories.

We understand, respect and acknowledge that NBMXA inducted a number of riders into its version of a Hall of Fame during the 1987/88 period and we do not want to diminish or disrespect this in any way. What we want to create is an official, unified (all sanctions, race and freestyle) version of a Hall of Fame which can be built into something year on year that everyone from every era of British BMX can be a part of, the aim being to pass on the torch from generation to generation to keep our sport’s history alive for future generations. We hope to grow it into something all generations of British BMX’ers can be proud of with the ultimate goal of keeping the British BMX flame burning for years to come.

From the early days of Don Smith, Geoff Wiles, Alan Rushton, Arthur and Alan Woods, Malcom and Sue Jarvis and so many other riders and behind the scenes people that invested in the foundation of BMX, we want to give them the acknowledgment and thanks they deserve.

We will continue to update and share news as things progress. Looking forward to your feedback as we move forward. We will update the British BMX Hall of Fame website, Facebook (British BMX Hall of Fame) and Instagram @britishbmxhalloffame with regular updates.

Also, we wanted to thank both Cash Matthews and Eddy King from the USA BMX Hall of Fame and also Jeff Osmus from the Texas Hall of Fame for taking the time to share advice and insights on setting this up. Exciting times. Stay-tuned.

1987 UKBMX Rankings

Superclass Tom Lynch

17+ Robin Mason, 16s Bobby Hyde, 15s Dale Holmes, 14s Anthony Revell, 13s Lee Pickstone, 12s Dylan Clayton, 11s Louis Attrill, 10s Matt Boyle, 9s David Maw, 8s Peter Holland, 7s Johnathan Clark, 6s Daniel Worthington, 5s Phil Shirtliff

15+ Girls Luli Adeyemo, 14 Girls Lisa Wright, 13 Girls Claire Edwards, 12 Girls Emma Howlett, 11 Girls Adele Croxon, 10 Girls Michelle Chenery, 9 Girls Samantha Giles, 8 Girls Shirelle Wallace, 7 Girls Carey Meyern, 6 Girls Angela Robinson, 5 Girls Joey Gough

25 + Womens Cruiser Barbara Barnard

40+ Cruiser Alan Jones, 30/39 Cruiser Pete Dymott, 22/29 Cruiser Frank Tennant, 18/21 Cruiser David Yeo, 16/17 Cruiser Paul Roberts, 14/15 Cruiser Neal Wood, 12/13 Cruiser Tony Baldwin, 11 & Under Cruiser Sam Fry

1987 Champion of Champions (Himley Hall)

Superclass Andy Welsh

17+ Tim O’Shea, 16s Dean Iddiols, 15s Dale Holmes, 14s Malcolm Daniels, 13s Gareth Shea, 12s Mark Gleed, 11s Andrew Please, 10s Ben Beasley, 9s Gary O Brien, 8s Peter Holland, 7s Tony Gilham, 6s Dale Masterman, 5s Jamie Moores

Girls 14/15 Paula Dibben, Girls 12/13 Claire Edwards, Girls 10/11 Adele Croxon, Girls 8/9 Samantha Giles, Girls 7 & Under Carley Meyern

25 + Womens Cruiser Barbara Barnard

25/39 Cruiser Pete Dymott, 18/24 Cruiser Carl Alford, 16/17 Cruiser Kevin Sykes, 14/15 Cruiser Neal Wood, 12/13 Cruiser Mark Perks, 11 & Under Cruiser Sam Fry

Brian Iddon

Darren Reidy

Last month BMX sadly lost another true Legend, Brian Iddon. Brian was one of the front men at the Mid Lancs BMX Club up in Coppull. Mid Lancs hosted many Nationals through the 90’s and 2000’s but most famous was the GRANDS which ran during the mid 90s. The Grands was an all-out prestigious race with good attendance from all over the country even though it wasn’t a National it still drew international flavor with Todd Lyons attending and with the King of Dirt also happening it also drew the Freestyle side as well. Brian did everything at the track over the years, he built the Big Start Hill after returning from a European race in Italy, he wanted the track to be super fast like the big tracks in Europe, it sure was for it’s time. Brian was a racer himself (Worlds Finalist) along with his daughter Stacey (British, European and World Champion) and son Jason. They travelled the country and World competing like so many of us and are part of the British BMX traveling family. The voluntary hours Brian generously gave go back to the NBMXA days in the 80s and could never be repaid. Brian will be sadly missed.

1987 NBMXA National Champions

Ticket Tour Darren O’Neill

17+ Kim Carbutt, 16s Sean Field, 15s Dale Holmes, 14s Paul Jones, 13s Chris Bennett, 12s Steven Pursey, 11s Gary Bowman, 10s Nicholas Gill, 9s David Maw, 8s Gareth Blades, 7s Jonathan Clark, 6s Andy Weatherhogg, 5s Phil Shirtliff

35+ Cruiser John Johns, 25/34 Cruiser Alec Scott, 16+ Cruiser Darren O’Neill, 14/15 Cruiser Dale Holmes, 13 & Under Cruiser Tony Baldwin

15+ Girls Luli Adeyemo, 14s Girls Lisa Wright, 13s Girls Claire Edwards, 12s Girls Lynsey Smale, 11 Girls Nicola Sharpe, 10 Girls Jamie-Ann Tweedie, 9 Girls Jane Hibbert, 8 Girls Karen Johnson, 7 Girls Jodie Greenaway, 6 Girls Hayley Theaker

CV – Damon Parkinson


Bay Motors, Coastline BMX, Reebok, Torker, Thruster/GeeTee signs

Years Racing
1984 – 1990

Stu Diggins, Steve Greaves, Tim Print, Kim Carbutt, Nigel Ramsden, Anthony Meleady, Simon Nuttall, Darren Wood

Pro – Andy Ruffell, Tim March, Geth Shooter, Tony Holland, Paul Gray, (RIP) Mark Watkins

Best Results
Regional no 1s, Pontins Open 1st,  Pro National 3

Best win first ever National at Slough (86) when Darren Wood slipped his pedals on the last straight.

IBMXF World Championships 1987 – 1988 – 1989

1987 IBMXF World Championships Orlando,Florida USA

Over 200 British riders making the trip to Florida. British Winners:

7x Ross Thompson
40 & Over Cruiser John Johns

1988 IBMXF World Championships Santiago, Chile

With a very small British contingent making the trip to Chile our best result came from Zeronine’s Joe Eastwood placing 2nd to go along with his 2nd place finishes in 86 and 87.

1989 IBMXF World Championships Brisbane, Australia

Like the previous year, in light of both cost and location only a handful of British riders made the trip. Lisa Wright was our only finalists.

Luli Adeyemo – 1986 IBMXF World Champion

Luli Adeyemo is perhaps another UK rider from the mid 80s and early 90s who is not talked about much that definitely knocked-out some big results during her time racing. Luli was a Newark East Midlands local that became World Champion in 1986 at the Slough Worlds, was National and British Champion numerous times battling with the likes of Lisa Wright riding for Axo, Scorpion & Profile during the peak of her racing.

Luli almost became European Champion in 1988 in Slagharen – just missing out – and also won the ABA Race of Champions at the Grands in 89 in the US. On top of that, she had a great personality, smiling and last we’ve heard, she’s living down under in Australia and if we’re correct we seem to remember her brother was a dancer on Top of the Pops!

PC: Steve Bardens / Invert