Podcast – Clive Gosling

This postcast has been long in the making with Clive Gosling as we wanted to do it in person, as we prefer with all podcasts. With Clive living in the UK and really wanting Paul Roberts (living in the US) involved – I still managed a solo hour conversation with Clive on this trip to the UK this week but we also saved a little for maybe a Part 2 when we can get Paul and Clive together.

I really enjoyed this one. Clive has 40 plus years in BMX and the industry as a whole with his knowledge, passion and personality it is unequaled.

We chat about the early days in BMX starting with Edwards (family bike shop), his mother Carole Gosling who has 40 plus years of deep involvement behind the scenes in UKBMX, EBA right up to today’s time working on the London Olympics and still in 2022 at the Glasgow UCI World Cup earlier this year.

Clive is always Factory (even today) we talked about some of the teams he rode for, racing Buckmore Park, Outwell, Poole the London scene in the 80s into the 90s.

We talk about Clive winning his first National title, racing Superclass, hanging out with Will Smyth and the Jive guys going to the States in the late 80s, hooking up with Gork and the BMX Action guys at Wizard Publications.

Clive talks about riding everything in BMX not just racing, riding South Banks, hanging out with Simon Tabron, riding street, contributing for the magazines, working for UKBMX writing the Race Zines for the Nationals and getting into Mountain Bikes in the mid 90s.

Clive brings us up-to-speed with what he’s doing these days in the industry working for GT and Cannondale (Director of Marketing at Cycling Sports Group) sponsoring both Kye Whyte (Olympic Silver Medalist, European Champion and World number 2) and Malverns Classic last month and so much more.

Hall of Fame Catch up Podcast with Mike Wong

Quick Podcast with Mike Wong this past weekend at the South Champs and Tony Luckhurst Memorial race at Runnymede; a track and club itself which have deep history going back into the early 80s.

We then catch up on The British BMX Hall of Fame, which is set to take place November 5th at the National Conference Centre in Solihull.

We talk about the latest on Rich Eames and Neil Stewart announcing the event, Kye Whyte coming as a guest, working with the We Were Rad Guys on a Concourse Award for the night, latest on ticket sales, why we are doing this event and more.

The British BMX Hall of Fame Podcast is now also on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Podcast – Darren Wood

Over in the UK at the moment and a great time to nail a few podcasts whilst here.  Early this week I got to spend some time with Darren Wood and his family, hit some pump tracks and tracks around London and, of course, sit down and record a pod. 

When you think about the early UK Factory Teams we saw in the magazines, Darren is right there in the mix riding for Skyway, Pro-Lite, SE, Raleigh and so on. 

We talk of being part of the “Age Group of Death” with Stu Diggens, Tom Lynch, Lee Alexander and co., alongside tracks and riders that came from UKBMX Region 9 London area. 

Darren talks about his mum and dad’s involvement in the sport.  Dad Sam being team manager for Raleigh during the Ruffell, Schofield era and Chairman of UKBMX.

We hit on Darren turning Superclass, winding down his career, which included giving away boxes of bikes and gear to the new to BMX Czech Republic riders that were in Slough for the 1991 European Championships. 

Darren talks about being back in BMX with his son Arthur, who is riding and racing with the same love and passion Darren had.

Check it out. 

British BMX Hall of Fame Podcast Episode 2 with Mr. Paul Roberts

Paul and I dig more into details of the nominees in the Pioneer Categories in Female Racer, Pioneer Influencer, Pioneer Male Racer and Pioneer Freestyler for the British BMX Hall of Fame with thoughts, background and info on all the 8 in each category. 

The Pod is now also on Spotify under British BMX Hall of Fame.

British BMX Hall Of Fame Podcast

The British BMX Hall of Fame planning is currently underway and moving along nicely as we prepare for our first event set for Nov 5th this year. Andy Ruffell is in town so I thought it would be a good time to record a quick Podcast.

It’s been a few years since we last did one (first one covering Andy’s BMX Career) so we had a little catching up to do. We chat about what he’s been up to lately and what Andy went on to do after retiring from BMX in 1988.

We then catch up on everything British BMX Hall of Fame as we have begun to roll out the final 8 in each category. We talk ticket sales, updates and event info with of course, a little Tim March chat for good measure.

We have also set up the British BMX Hall of Fame as its own Podcast and this is episode 1 with all links and will be archived from our Hall of Fame website and posted on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Podcast – Mike Wong & Paul Roberts (British BMX Hall of Fame)

My friend and fellow British BMX Hall of Fame collaborator, Mike Wong, recently made the trip over to California, so we took the opportunity to drive up to Huntington Beach to catch up with Paul Roberts to record this podcast.

Mike has been riding BMX bikes in some capacity since 1981 and running his own bike brands, Dialled Bikes and FTB BMX, for the best part of the last 20 years.

We cover our reasons for starting the British BMX Hall of Fame project, address some of the social media comments we’ve seen/been made aware of since announcing the Hall of Fame, and finish up with some healthy debate as to who we think are the main contenders to be nominated and inducted into the Hall of Fame.


Podcast – Andy Ruffell


We’ve been trying to nail down Mr. Andy Ruffell for awhile now and we finally sat down in San Diego and knocked out a podcast.

Lots covered, the early years being discovered by Richard Barrington and getting on Team ACE with early UK BMX legend Cav Strutt, winning his first race at Chatham back in 1980 right when BMX was getting off the ground in the UK.

Andy talks getting approached by Malcolm Jarvis and going to Ammaco Mongoose, traveling the country promoting the sport alongside racing and winning national titles in the process.

We also talk about racing with Tim March in 1984 (Superclass), the rivalry and the on-and-off relationship between both Andy and Tim even in current times.

We chat about the big money move to Raleigh in 85, winning the first official Pro Number 1 plate the same year, co-hosting BMX Beat and the Kelloggs with Mick Brown, the rise of Geth Shooter, his brothers Robert and Neil and Neil’s rise to the top on the freestyle side competing and rivaling with Craig Campell (maybe not being treated well from the UKBFA) alongside coming 2nd to Ron Wilkerson at the 85 Kelloggs.

Andy talks about putting on Holeshot, bringing over big names from the US in both Freestyle and Skate including Dennis McCoy, Josh White and Mat Hoffman, to Skaters Jeff Grosso, Christian Hosoi and Mark “Gator” Rogowski, just to mention a few along with all the headaches and problems he encountered putting on an event, from hotel rooms trashed, pros demanding more money and causing havoc on the London underground.

Of course we have to cover his relationship and thoughts on Tony Hoffman, the 1986 Slough World Championships and the UK Pros (PRA) decision not to race, and again more recent drama with Tim March over it all last month.

We discuss and decide it’s about time for an Official British BMX Hall of Fame to be set up and the talks are already in the works to make this a reality along with Andy’s Stunt A Biker YouTube channel Stuntabiker.com and more.