Congratulations, Carole Gosling! Inducted into The British BMX Hall Of Fame

Carole Gosling was born into the cycling world as her grandfather started the family’s bicycle business, Edwardes Cycles, in 1908.  In fact, she lived above the family bicycle shop for the first ten years of her life and her grandfather, Harold, known as Jack, was a championship-winning track racer.

When BMX came along in the early 80s, Carole’s son Clive got his first BMX and shortly after they were racing at Buckmore Park, where Carole took her first job, taking the car park fees.  She quickly moved into a role that she did for many years where she was one of the infamous UKBMX finish line ladies. Then in 1985, Carole was elected as treasurer of UKBMX which led her to becoming the European treasurer of IBMXF.  Carole was instrumental in organizing the Slough World Champs from writing the moto sheets at 4 o’ clock in the morning, to boiling eggs for the VIP egg and cress sandwiches.

Carole integrated herself into the UCI when they absorbed IBMXF in the early 90s, becoming a commissaire and UK Team Manager at multiple World Championships. Carole was invited by the UCI to be the secretary of various UCI World Cups and when the 2012 Olympics came along, Carole was the UCI secretary to the event, authorizing the results after each race.

Apart from these great personal achievements, Carole is everyone’s favorite mum, helping many racers get to events all over the globe who needed a little help. The amount of time she spent at the foot of a west London tower block honking her horn and waiting for Winnie Wright to come down with his bike cannot be measured lightly! 

Carole took a few years off when her mother was too poorly to be left alone but soon found herself helping out once again at events, and she can still be seen today working the start hill and generally being what everyone has come to know Carole for, being a consistent figure of stability and commitment to the sport that she, and we, all love.

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