Congratulations, Jane Windle! Inducted into The British BMX Hall Of Fame Class of 2023.

Jane Windle was first introduced to BMX as a teenager by her dad, Les Windle, who saw an amazing opportunity and he opened one of the first BMX shops, “HOTSHOT BMX” in Kidlington 1979/80.

Jane’s first race was with the boys at Buckmore Park with a paper plate and Skateboard helmet.

As the HOTSHOT team progressed so did she, bringing home the number one plate that year for Hotshot in Senior Powderpuffs in the first official year of National racing in the UK in 1981.

As ambitious as always, and with visits to the USA to race in the Jag World Championships in Las Vegas, Jane picked up sponsorship with Bassett Racing. But, admittedly, Jane says she was always a Redline girl.

After several breaks from BMX, Jane returned to the BMX scene to run the HOTSHOT team at the Nationals and many years later met Mr. Robert Cardoza (Mr. ET) whom she’s married to today and they reside in Arizona in the States.

A big congratulations to Jane Windle for being inducted into the 2023 British BMX Hall of Fame in the Pioneer Female Racer Category.

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