Congratulations, Jerry Galley! Inducted into The British BMX Hall Of Fame Class of 2023

Jerry Galley will forever be the “rider’s rider” in freestyle circles.

No other British rider produced the edge of seat excitement that was evident whenever Jerry took a run.

Effortlessly talented on vert, bowls, dirt, mini and street, Jerry could do it all. He’d make the hardest tricks look easy and blast the biggest airs imaginable.

From his early days riding Romford to his World Championships vert runs everything he did was pushed to its very limit.

Long before going viral was even a thing, photos and footage of Jerry were some of the most eagerly anticipated in the whole of bmx. 

Jerry encapsulated a shift in attitudes, and credibility as a ‘freestyle’ rider could now be measured via reputation and influence – well-ahead of just medals, trophies, and competition results. 

To quote the bicycle Union, ”Jerry is everything you heard he was and more, one of the most bad ass BMX riders ever”.

We were stoked to induct Jerry into the 2023 UK British BMX Hall of Fame.  Jerry’s award was accepted by Steve Rooke on his behalf. 

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