Congratulations, Lee Reynolds! Inducted into The British BMX Hall Of Fame Class of 2023

Lee Reynolds started riding BMX in 1981.

After initially riding dirt jumps he built his own wedge ramp and quarter pipe and just 2 years later he learned how to air!

By the mid 80s Lee was appearing in magazines and riding in UKBFA comps.  He was an early pioneer of halfpipe riding while much of bmx was still rooted in quaterpipes.

At age 16, Lee was picked up to Ride for Hutch and later rode for Haro and Airwalk.

In the 80s, he progressed his huge airs, stretched variations and his unique style marked him out at comps including Bercy Paris and the legendary 2HIP series.

He caught the eye of the US BMX magazines and he was photographed for some of the most revered publications.

Part of the British freestyle Invasion of the US, Lee put British freestyle firmly on the international map and we’re proud to induct him into the Hall of Fame!!!

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