Congratulations, Luli Adeyemo! Inducted into The British BMX Hall Of Fame Class of 2023

Luli Adeyemo’s BMX journey began in 1986 with a second-hand Raleigh Burner. Despite initial struggles with staying upright, Newark Cavaliers Club and Coach Darryl Pointing’s support honed Luli’s skills, particularly in speed out of the gate.

In 1986 Luli secured a wild card to the World Championships in Slough, her debut International event and emerged as the 14-15 girls’ World Number One. This marked the inception of a stellar BMX career, marked by numerous British Championships, National Titles, European Podium finishes, and even a victory at the 1990 ABA Grands in the US.

Now residing in Australia, Luli recently earned a women in leadership award for her advocacy in promoting diversity in the technology sector. Inspired by the British BMX Hall of Fame, this year Luli resumed racing, clenching her first state race win in Australia and competing in the Nationals.

We are proud to welcome Luli Adeyemo into the British BMX Hall of Fame class of 2023.

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