Congratulations to the late Neil Ruffell. Inducted into The British BMX Hall Of Fame

Neil Ruffell started his BMX Career in racing in 1983, but that didn’t last long, after he spent many weekends at Rom Skatepark, he realized his true calling was Freestyle. His big break came when he joined the Skyway Freestyle team with Craig Campbell and traveled the world doing Freestyle shows and kicking his brother’s ass on the ramps. You could say he had a Love / Hate relationship with the British Freestyle Association in the mid-80s, being disqualified and courting controversy. But the truth was he was way more interested in doing legendary airs at Southsea King of The Skateparks comps and riding his legendary homemade ramps at Mission Grove in Walthamstow. At The Kellogg’s in 1985, he came 2nd to Ron Wilkerson then after a split with Skyway, Neil developed his own Freestyle Frame & Fork called the Holeshot RF1. Sadly, we lost Neil in 2004 but he will always be remembered as a true Pioneer of BMX Freestyle. We are proud to welcome Neil Ruffell into the British BMX Hall Of Fame.

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