Congratulations to Jamie Bestwick. Inducted into The British BMX Hall Of Fame

Jamie burst onto the UK freestyle scene in the sports centre BFA contests of the late 80s, airing ridiculously high on the narrowest of quarter-pipes, often in unfeasibly tight shorts and questionable knitted sweaters!

As vert riding transitioned over to half-pipes Jamie’s prowess really began to stand out. Maybe having a ramp to ride in a local pub car park in Derby helped! His distinctive smooth style included doing his lip-tricks and tailwhip airs in the opposite direction – something that developed into his ability to flow all over a vert ramp like a set of trails.

Despite holding down a full-time engineering career in the 90s, Jamie held his own against the elite of pro vert riding. Once Jamie made the leap to full time riding by moving to College State in the late 90s there was no stopping him. Bessie dominated vert riding, taking his first X-Games gold in 2000, and rarely let go of the reigns after that. 9 back to back golds between 2007 and 2014 count amongst his 13 golds in total. These medals overlook the fact that Jamie can shred any ramp you put him front of him. His talent, drive and experience have cemented him as one of the all time UK freestyle greats. Alongside his personal achievements in BMX his role as UK coach for the hugely successful Olympic team in the 2020(1) Olympics has massively helped raise the profile and appreciation of BMX freestyle in the public consciousness.

Chris Job / DIG BMX

Jamie Bestwick is a hero that needs no introduction and what can be said about him that hasn’t already been said before? Whether it’s smashing headset cups into a KHE Beater or building up his first signature GT frame in the back room of Derby storm whilst eating chips, to winning his first gold at the X games, Jamie doesn’t half-step and approaches all aspects of his life with such a passion and drive, unless that’s dancing or operating technology. From his early days of riding vert with crash mats to his current task as UK Olympic Team manager, Jamie is an incredible individual and anyone who’s ever crossed his path should consider themselves lucky.

Jay Allen

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