Congratulations, Tom Lynch! Inducted into The British BMX Hall Of Fame Class of 2023

The word ‘legend’ is used too freely and without truly considering its actual meaning and magnitude. But, Tom Lynch is a true legend – not only of our sport where his impact was huge, but also in life through his many significant contributions and ongoing efforts towards better cycling for everyone.

Tom went up against, and beat, the best of the best in true David and Goliath fashion. Who can forget the sight of ‘wee Thomas’ on the gate against the entire Dutch Amev team, many twice his size but Tom took them to the cleaners winning the 1986 European Superclass championships along with six national number ones and a World Championship podium to his name.

After his stellar race career from 1981 to 1994, Tom was one of the first riders to work with British Cycling on their coaching program, mentoring Shanaeze Reade and other members of the national squad but perhaps his biggest gift, and one that honored him with an MBE, Tom pioneered the concept of paramedics on bikes globally and has rolled the program out all over the world saving countless lives.

It is our honor to welcome Tom Lynch as a British BMX Hall of Fame inductee for the Male Racer catogory for 2023, and absolute cycling legend.

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