Darren Page

We bring some sad news this week…Darren Page passed away from Cancer. If you remember Darren from the early BMX days in the UK, he was ranked National number 2 and raced for Torker. He competed in the 83′ European’s in Birmingham, the Worlds in Slagharen and was on the podium at the Halfords NEC back in 83′. He battled with the top guys at the time Darren Mill, Darren Nelson, Andy Oldham and Damian Myles. Sad times for sure. Thinking of both Darren and his family…



3 thoughts on “Darren Page

  1. DarrenN

    Yep Sad times. I remember racing against him. My thoughts are with his family. Too young, in my opinion.

  2. nskinner

    Unfortunately I have more sad news Damian Myles has been diagnosed with Stage IV cancer and has months at best. This is devastating news for all of us. He leaves a 7 year old daughter. We are currently organizing fund raising etc via Facebook Fund for Damian Myles page.

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