Darren Reidy Podcast

Next up on the Podcast is one I recorded last month when I was over in the UK with Darren Reidy, together with Steve Keech and Mike Wong in the background with some insight.

We talk about Reidy getting into racing in 1983 in the North West with his first race at the Chorley (John Lee) Downhill Quarry track getting on Joyda before getting spotted and picked up by Alans for Factory Torker.

Reidy talks racing with Dylan Clayton, CJ Butler, Steven Pursey, Nick Lacey, Mark Gleed, Jamie Boness, Iwan Thomas, and Martin Upshaw from a young age just to name a few.

We talk about the 1988 season getting on Thruster, winning the BBMXA National title in both classes, getting 2nd at the FIAC Worlds, and then hanging it up at the start of the 89 season for a few years before coming back around in 92/93.

Reidy talks about the Sports Class that was formed in 93, racing with the likes of Australian Thomas Forman, Keith Duly, and Dylan Clayton, and the theories on why Dylan raced Sports Class instead of maybe going Elite that year.

Reidy talks about going to the US, turning Elite, riding for MCS, Hyper, and later Ruption.

We talk about the 90s Elite class in the UK, the depth at the time mixing it up with the social aspect of racing at the time, having a beer but still putting a good showing in on the track despite maybe a little hangover.

We bring things up to speed these days with Reidy being the Team Manager for the GT UK Team, thoughts on the sport in the UK today, the current Elites, British Cycling, funding, facilities, and the exposure racing has had in this present time.

Lots more covered, check it out.

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