Welcome to  We thought with such an impressive old school following in the UK, especially with social media so big now, it was about time we started documenting BMX Racing from the early days.  Hopefully, we can keep adding interviews/stories/blogs from the past and work our way through the years of BMX racing in the UK.  We’re really hoping to get some key words from influential people that were involved with BMX through the early years and maybe a little behind the scenes details, as the sport boomed in the early 80s and leveled off in the early 90s.  I think you all can agree there is a lot of stuff we can cover.  If you feel you’ve got some good material that is worth posting, please feel free to email us.  Stay tune for more updates.


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    1. Heather Maw

      Looking forward to following this site

  1. darren wood

    Well done Look forward to seeing this GROW and GROW 🙂

  2. Mel Wallhead (woods)

    Very excited to see this progress. Looking forward to the stories.

  3. karl gilbert

    Cant wait to see the pics n stories. Bring back amazing memories

  4. Darren Nelson

    After `retiring` from racing 27 years ago I am now back ( albeit on a cruiser ) after having got my daughter Tara into racing in this year. Love looking back and remembering how it was, so hopefully, this will be a good site to follow for years!

  5. Scott Braithwaite

    Nice, looking forward more memories flooding back

  6. morocco

    After a very brief return last year, I’m looking forward to all the pics and memories from BITD (they’re much less painful).

  7. Carl Hughes

    Hey this sounds good to me. I got plenty of fotos from 81-84 uk north west region so you might wanna use some of em. Let me know if you’re interested

  8. Editor

    Vinoah, Heather Maw, darren wood, Mel Wallhead (woods), karl gilbert, Darren Nelson, Scott Braithwaite and morocco, thanks!

  9. paul

    Excellent, look forward to the site growing and growing 🙂

  10. Jonathan Higginson

    I have all BMX News and every BMX Weekly and Bi-Weekly, as well as every Action Bike, and some books. They have not seen light of day for years.
    I remember racing at the very first UK National.

    1. Editor

      Jonathan be great to get some word from you for the site. I know you and your family have so much history in the sport. Could you drop us an email please.

  11. Scott Dick

    Great Stuff. Like we always say.. To know where you are going, You need to know where you have been. If you need anything, give me a shout..

    1. Editor

      Sounds good Scott we know you got so much good stuff we can post. Drop us an email anytime.

  12. I’ve forgotten way more than I know – but have not missed a day since 1979. If I can help with owt drop me a line.

  13. Keith Wilson

    Looking forward to this, its so great to see pictures of yourself and friends from 30+ years ago that you’ve never seen before!


    1. Editor

      Feel free to write anything for the site Keith we know you got roots…

  14. Tracy Allen

    Look forward to following this for fond memories of race days. I have some old pics too of girls racing including myself and some of the more well known boys, Andy Ruffel, Tim March, Andrew Welsh etc. I can send them if you need them.

  15. Dave Dawson

    Fantastic – well done for getting this off the ground. Like many of the others that were involved in the early days ,(1980 to 84) the sport certainly helped to build my character and gave me confidence that has helped in my adult life. I will be watching with interest and will contribute however I can.

  16. Alex Hennessey

    Great works guys,looking forward to seeing this site flourish 🙂

  17. Ivan bass

    I love reading about old Bmx stuff, the photos etc . Good times

    1. Editor

      For sure Ivan… Stay tuned for more…

  18. Simon Hayes

    I can help with the whole Sheen Common,James Black (BMX Action Bike) Mad Malc Stapleton (BMX Action Bike) & Junkyard Jim Martin (BMX Action Bike) angle.I was riding with those guys from 1980 in West and South West London

    Simon Hayes

    1. Editor

      Simon we will be in touch… You were already on the list… Love those names already…

  19. I found this particular blog post , “Hello And
    Welcome | UK BMX History”, quite pleasurable and it ended up being a great read.


  20. Daftnader

    WOAH! So many names i remember. I used to race for Robinson. My parents owned Sussex BMX based in Brighton and often went to all the tracks selling from our motorcross camper. My name – Nick Turrell. Same age group as Wally Pack, Chico Hooke, Sam Jarvis etc etc. Had many people travel with us through their careers, All of the Lunns, Frankie Romain, Dave Beveridge, Paul Hudson, Bernie Vincent, Darren and Rohan Fryer, Wally Pack and many many more. Due to my parents shop in Brighton, we also hosted some massive freestyle tours, many of the worlds top riders stayed around my house, Eddie Fiola, Blyther, Griggs, Campbell, the Curb dogs, Mike Canning and many more. Had the most amazing expierences frowing up and having your idols stay around your house or travelling with us in the motorhome. Best days ever.

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