( Inside Track ) Three Sisters Wigan

Alan’s Challenge!

Report: Nigel Higginson

Source: BMX Weekly – Vol. 2, No. 24 pg. 22

Approximate print date (1982)

“It’s going to be perfect,” said Alan Woods when questioned on his new track at the Three Sisters site near Wigan. But then if there’s one thing Alan loves it’s a challenge. However, with Alan being the youngest business man in the sport with the flourishing company of Alan’s BMX, in 1981 16-plus No.1 Plate holder, and founder of the U.K. Robinson and Torker Teams, one gets the impression he’s quite used to challenges. So when did he have the idea of building a Track, and opening it with an International, a totally unique step in British BMX History.

“Well, it first started two years ago in June 1980 when initial plans were begun for a track with the Three Sisters area in mind. I hoped to build a track designed with the American Pro’s in mind, but on a much larger, longer and more exciting scale, filled with much more adventurous jumps. So in October of last year, we approached Wigan Council with the prospect of a track at the Three Sisters, a site which merely in a radius of 20 miles includes the densely populated Liverpool, Warrington and Manchester regions and possesses excellent motorway accessibility from anywhere in the country. However, with the Wigan Council having little control over the Three Sisters, eventual confirmation came from Manchester Council on the 9th of this month.”

Since that date work has never stopped and at the moment the track is completely laid out with the berms in place, but awaiting the jumps and table tops to be put in. The surface is fine clay based dust with an aggregated stone foundation, which compresses so well that it looks like a concrete surface, which Alan says will make the track one of the fastest in the country.

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