• Mr. BMX Weekly Arnold Higginson

    Mr. BMX Weekly Arnold Higginson passed away at age 77. A retired builder, Arnold financed the publication from late 1981 up to 1985. Later becoming BMX Bi-Weekly and taking on a magazine format, it sold over 46,000 copies at its height, and is remembered fondly in Old School BMX circles. It is Arnold’s vision that enabled the recording in pictures and words the start of BMX from within the UK. Arnold was seen at many of the National and Regional race meets with wife Marjorie, and sons Martin, Nigel taking pictures, and Jonathan racing. Arnold built the wooden start gate and table top at the former Morecambe band arena where…

  • Darren Page

    We bring some sad news this week…Darren Page passed away from Cancer. If you remember Darren from the early BMX days in the UK, he was ranked National number 2 and raced for Torker. He competed in the 83′ European’s in Birmingham, the Worlds in Slagharen and was on the podium at the Halfords NEC back in 83′. He battled with the top guys at the time Darren Mill, Darren Nelson, Andy Oldham and Damian Myles. Sad times for sure. Thinking of both Darren and his family…  

  • My UKBMX History by Bill Baggs

    In the beginning, back in the old days… Mike was about nine years old making it around about late 1982 when he came home from school one day & asked if he could go BMX racing with the headmaster’s son of a great rider named James Morris. I remember Mike went with James & his dad (John) on a Saturday at the Farnham bmx track (the four lane track) which was by the sports centre for some practice on his old Duster 100 bmx bike & I haven’t forgotten Mike’s expression when he came back from the Farnham track, he was full of it & had a smile on his…

  • International – Pleasurewood Hills (Lowestoft) 1985

    IBMXF International Lowestoft (Superclass Round) May 4th/5th Pro Class Pete Middleton, Pro Cruiser Anthony Sewell Superclass Leon Walravens, Super Cruiser Gary Llewellyn 17+ John Stockwell, 16s Gary Wallace, 15s Mark Watkins, 14s Dean Iddiols, 13s Chris Taylor, 12s Raymond Stap, 11s Richard Everest, 10s Dylan Clayton, 9s Alex Van Diesen, 8s Gary Smith, 7s David Maw, 6s Darryl Sopp 16+ Girls Alison Diegutis, 14-15 Girls Sarah Jane Nichols, 12-13 Girls Keeley Mulkerrins, 8-11 Girls Alexia Jarvis, 7 & Under Girls Holly Jarvis.  40+ Cruiser Chris Bilner, 25-39 Cruiser Angelo Zimbito, 18-24 Cruiser Armond Bonis, 16-17 Cruiser Chris Wouters, 14-15 Cruiser Mark Watkins, Cruiser 13 & Under Jonathan Maw 

  • Rob Indri (RIP 2000)

    It’s hard to believe it’s been 14 years since Rob Indri passed away. There are so many good stories and quotes from Rob that are still talked about today in the race world. Rob was known for his mars bars, Lucazade and was also the first guy I ever saw with a can of RedBull at the races. Clearly, ahead of his time. JT race wear, Powerlite, GT, Diamond Back, Rocky Training, Ellis, Haden, Warrior, Thunder, and Primo were all names and bike brands Indri loved to support and quote during his race days. Rob loved to party and never missed a chance to let you know he could down…

  • 1984 UKBMX Champion of Champions (Olympia)

    Superclass Tim March, Superclass Trophy Pete Middleton, 17+ Frankie Romain, 16s Charlie Reynolds, 15s Gary Llewellyn, 14s Lee Alexander, 13s Wayne Llewellyn, 12s Anthony Howells, 11s Ashley Davis, 10s Nathan Lunn, 9s Dylan Clayton, 8s Louis Mears, 7s Ben Beasley, 6s David Maw, 5s Rowan Fryer Cruiser 25+ Pete Sims, Cruiser 15/25 Gary Llewellyn, Cruiser 14 & Under Tim Print 14+ Girls Alison Diegutis, 12/13 Girls Sarah-Jane Nichols, 10/11 Girls Donna Chisholm, 7 & Under Girls Michelle Chenary

  • Early days of BMX in the North West: Part One

    By Alan Woods Timeline: Summer 1980. I was lucky enough to have raced motocross from 1976 at the age of 11. As you couldn’t get spares at the track we started selling oil, spark plugs and eventually race gear, shocks, etc like is commonplace now at tracks, before we didn’t see anyone anywhere around the UK doing this, this set the seed for our transition into BMX. I had seen some BMX photos in ads Dirt Bike magazine for H_Torque’s Minicycle & BMX Action magazine and as I always loved “push bikes” too it interested me. Anyway back to the timeline, it was still during the 1980 Motocross season that…

  • The Rise of 1980’s UK BMX Teams – by Chris Carter

    Factory Raleigh – Andy Oldham  Stand at the back of the start hill at any BMX race, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that the people queuing for their races in their brightly coloured gear are all equals. But any kid that followed the BMX magazines in the pre and boom years of the eighties will tell you that there was always a hierarchy. Moto winners come and go, even mains can sometimes be won on a fluke – but no one gets sponsored unless they really have the right stuff! Let’s talk teams! Or more specifically, let’s talk eighties teams! For most racers, the team with which they spend…

  • 1983 NBMXA British Championships

    17+ Darren Bullock, 16 Mark Cracknell, 15 Scott Williams, 14 Gary O’Connor, 13 Stu Diggens, 12 Nick Dalton, 11 Brad Smith, 10 John Greaves, 9 Alan Brookes, 8 Zac Taylor, 7 Neil Huddart, 6 Nick Sims, 5 David Maw Senior Girls Sharon Elliott, Intermediate Women Sarah-Jane Nichols, Junior Girls Rebecca Slowley Cruiser Dave Thomas

  • 1983 NBMXA National Champions

    17+ Steve Gratton, 16 Mark Cracknell, 15 Ian Harrison or Harvey Munckton, 14 Darrin Stock, 13 Tim Print, 12 Mark O’Connor, 11 Anthony Howells, 10 Tim Hammond, 9 Paul Cobbing, 8 Richard Hunt, 7 Neil Huddart, 6 Steve Cragg, 5 Paul Meyers Senior Girls Julie Woodward, Intermediate Girls Sarah-Jane Nichols, Junior Girls Debbie Haynes Cruiser Roger Hammond