1985 NBMXA National Series

Pro – Geth Shooter
16+ Steve Bigland
15 – Tom Lynch
14 – Andy Welsh
13 – Dale Holmes
12 – Jeremy Kenning
11 – Chris Bennett
10 – Phil Smith
9 – Charles Shooter
8 – Simon Jones
7 – David Maw
6 – Graham Strickland
5 – Johnathan Clark

Cruiser 25+ Phil Turner
Cruiser 16+ Steve Bigland
Cruiser 13/15 Tim Print

14+ Girls – Rachel Holmes
12/13 Girls – Emma Crew
10/11 Girls – Caroline Goward
8/9 Girls – Michelle Webster
5/7 Girls – Jane Hibbert

1985 Andy Ruffell Screen Sports Overall Number 1 Pro

1985 NBMXA British Championships Derby Greyhound Stadium


Up next, the 1985 NBMXA British Championships at Derby Greyhound Stadium. Politics came into full effect here as UKBMX decided to run a National at Exeter the same weekend meaning you had to choose if you raced both federations. The only positive was the Pros were able to race Exeter Sunday and blasted up the motorway to Derby Sunday night and raced the British Championships Monday which was a Bank Holiday.

Still, Derby had 1200 riders despite the clash and even though a lot of the Factory big names were in Exeter it opened the door once again like the 84 British Championships for new names to shine. One of these guys was Tim O’Shea, who had spent some time in the States and took the double in 17+ and also 16+ Cruiser.

In the Pros, Pete Middleton took the win (325 pounds) over the 3 finals keeping it consistent all day long. Geth Shooter placed 1, 1, 6 in the finals but handed the win to Pete with that last main finish but still earned himself an extra 250 pounds for the NBMXA overall Series for 85.

16s Tim O’Shea, Will Smyth, Ian Carroll 15s Robin Mason, Ivan Bass, Kim Carbutt 14s Paul Clarkson, Nigel Kenning, Ian Dixon 13s Simon Blinkhorn, Lee Mullarkey, Peter South 12s Jeremy Kenning, Adrian Newberry, Darren Currie 11s Gareth Shea, Neil Johns, Chris Bennett 10s Nathan Bash, Mark Boulden, David Higgins 9s Paul Hancock, Karl Moult, Graham Wardale 8s James Renton, Simon Jones, Stephen Craigan 7s David Maw, Richard McEwan, Barry Scott 6s Graham Strickland, Paul Richter, Darren Keown 5s Stu Wilson, Owen Vallender, Tom Mounsey

Cruiser 16+ Tim O’Shea, Ian Mason Cruiser 13/15 Darren O’Neill, Nick Fiddler, Tristan Tack

14+ Girls Nicola Dodwell, Karen Richmond, Maria Hall 12-13 Girls Lisa Wright, Debbie Maltby, Chaire Rivans 10-11 Girls Caroline Goward, Andrea Haltam, Debbie Freeston 8-9 Girls Donna Hoffman, Natalie Long, Adele Croxon 5-7 Girls Jane Hibbert, Charlotte Clark, Jill Fitzgibbon

UKBMX National Series & Champion of Champion Results 1985


1985 UKBMX Rankings 

Pro Andy Ruffell Pro Cruiser Tim March Superclass Craig Schofield

17+ John Stockwell 16s Darrin Stock 15s Darren Wood 14s Wayne Llewellyn 13s Anthony Howells 12s Jeremy Kenning 11s Lee Pickstone 10s Dylan Clayton 9s Gary Bowman 8s Nick Gill 7s David Maw 6s Chris Hyde 5s Johnathan Clark

Cruiser 13 & Under Chris Taylor Cruiser 14/15 Mark Watkins Cruiser 16/17 Darrin Stock Cruiser 18/24 Simon Tyrell Cruiser 25/39 Pete Dymott Cruiser 40 + Chris Bilner

Girls 16 + Julie Woodward Girls 14/15 Sarah Jane-Nichols Girls 12/13 Lisa Wright Girls 10/11 Lindsey Smale Girls 8/9 Adele Croxon Girls 7 & Under Lindsey Gilmer

UKBMX Champion of Champions (Perry Park Birmingham)

Pro Geth Shooter Superclass Steve Bigland

17+ Charlie Reynolds 16s John Izzard 15s Dave Morris 14s Wayne Lewellyn 13s Neal Wood 12s Paul Jones 11s Jamie Staff 10s Dylan Clayton 9s Gary Bowman 8s Matt Boyle 7s Gary O’Brien 6s Dennis Watson 5s Johnathan Clark

Cruiser 13 & Under Russ Cook Cruiser 14/15 Darren Wood Cruiser 16/17 Charlie Reynolds Cruiser 18/24 Errol McClean Cruiser 25/39 Pete Dymott Cruiser 40 + John Johns

Girls 16 + Joanne Nokes Girls 14/15 Karen Murphy Girls 12/13 Lisa Wrights Girls 10/11 Anna Morris Girls 8/9 Natalie Long 7 & Under Girls Lindsey Gilmer

UKBMX / NBMXA National & British Champions 1984


Pictured 1984 NBMXA National Nottingham – no. 15 Aaron Valente (National 2 for the year), no. 4 Matt James who went on to win the British Championships that year at Derby Greyhound Stadium and no. 154 new kid on the block Paul Ray from Cornwall. By the looks of this shot Paul just got picked up by Redline and goes on to win the NBMXA National Series that year and a late run in UKBMX, with a handful of National wins but not enough to steal the number 1 plate from Hutch’s Danny Stabielli who takes the title for the 2nd year running.

1984 NBMXA British Championships

17+ Simon Bailey, 16s Geth Shooter, 15s Lloyd Grove, 14s Rich Freeman, 13s Nick Dalton, 12s Derrick Owens, 11s Stuart Anderson, 10s Matt James, 9s Mike Nichols, 8s Neil Huddart, 7s Nicholas Gill, 6s David Maw, 5s James Lee

Cruiser Geth Shooter

14+ Girls Julie Woodward, 11-13 Girls Rachel Holmes, 8-10 Girls Caroline Goward, 5-7 Girls Donna Hoffman

1984 NBMXA National Series

17+ Mike Brown, 16s Geth Shooter, 15s Darrin Stock, 14s Tom Lynch, 13s Nick Dalton, 12s Anthony Howells, 11s Mark Greig, 10s Paul Ray, 9s Paul Webster, 8s Neil Huddart, 7s Nicholas Gill, 6s David Ives, 5s Greg Rhodes

Cruiser Geth Shooter, Cruiser 25+ Roger Hammond

14+ Girls Alison Deguitis, 11-13 Girls Sarah-Jane Nichols, 8-10 Girls Tammy Goddard, 5-7 Girls Michelle Webster

1984 UKBMX Rankings 

Superclass Tim March, 17+ John Vile, 16s Martin Jose, 15s Gary Llewellyn, 14s Stu Diggins, 13s Wayne Llewellyn, 12s Anthony Howells, 11s John Greaves, 10s Danny Stabielli, 9s Dylan Clayton, 8s Scott Vogl, 7s Dean Stabielli, 6s David Maw, 5s Chris Stanforth

Cruiser 25+ Danny Tennant, Cruiser 15/25 Charlie Reynolds, Cruiser 14 & Under Mark Watkins

14+ Girls Debbie Scott Webb, 12/13 Girls Sarah-Janes Nichols, 10/11 Girls Paula Dibben, 8/9 Girls Nicola Howells, 7 & Under Girls Michelle Chenary

1984 UKBMX Champion of Champions Olympia 

Superclass Tim March, Superclass Trophy Pete Middleton, 17+ Frankie Romain, 16s Charlie Reynolds, 15s Gary Llewellyn, 14s Lee Alexander, 13s Wayne Llewellyn, 12s Anthony Howells, 11s Ashley Davis, 10s Nathan Lunn, 9s Dylan Clayton, 8s Louis Mears, 7s Ben Beasley, 6s David Maw, 5s Rowan Fryer

Cruiser 25+ Pete Sims, Cruiser 15/25 Gary Llewellyn, Cruiser 14 & Under Tim Print

14+ Girls Alison Diegutis, 12/13 Girls Sarah Jane Nichols, 10/11 Girls Donna Chisholm, 7 & Under Girls Michelle Chenary


UKBMX /NBMXA Rankings 1983


1983 things get interesting after NBMXA rolls out its first year of National & Regional racing alongside the NBMXA British Championships at Derby Greyhound Stadium. Meanwhile, UKBMX has a full National Series alongside the UK Open Championships at Knebworth House. If anyone has the Knebworth results please let us know so we can add them to the site. It looks like it was not covered in any magazines.

Andy Ruffell becomes the only rider to win 3 UKBMX Title years in a row in 83 Craig Schofield & Tim March win their 2nd. With the start of NBMXA, a whole host of new names became National and British Champions.
Pictured: Debbie Scott Webb (GT) Alice Temple (Robinson) who both won their 2nd UKBMX National titles in 83. Debbie won in 81 and Alice the previous year.

1983 UKBMX Rankings

17+ Tim March, 16s Andy Ruffell, 15s Martin Jose, 14s Craig Schofield, 13s Stu Diggins, 12s Wayne Llewellyn, 11s Damian Myles, 10s Cliff Welley, 9s Danny Stabielli, 8s Jason Spurr, 7s Louis Mears, 6s Dean Stabielli, 5s David Maw

Senior Girls Alice Temple, Intermediate Girls Debbie Scott Webb, Junior Girls Kim Marie Edge

1983 NBMXA National Rankings

17+ Steve Gratton, 16s Mark Cracknell, 15s Ian Harrison or Harvey Munckton, 14s Darrin Stock, 13s Tim Print, 12s Mark O’Connor, 11s Anthony Howells, 10s Tim Hammond, 9s Paul Cobbing, 8s Richard Hunt, 7s Neil Huddart, 6s Steve Cragg, 5s Paul Meyers

Senior Girls Julie Woodward, Intermediate Girls Sarah-Jane Nichols, Junior Girls Debbie Haynes

Cruiser Roger Hammond

1983 NBMXA British Championships

17+ Darren Bullock, 16s Mark Cracknell, 15s Scott Williams, 14s Gary O’Connor, 13s Stu Diggins, 12s Nick Dalton, 11s Brad Smith, 10s John Greaves, 9s Alan Brookes, 8s Zac Taylor, 7s Neil Huddart, 6s Nick Simms, 5s David Maw

Senior Girls Sharon Elliott, Intermediate Women Sarah-Jane Nichols, Junior Girls Rebecca Slowley

Cruiser Dave Thomas

1982 UKBMX Rankings

16+ – Tim March
15 – Andy Ruffell
14 – Nikki Matthews
13 – Craig Schofield
12 – Steve Greaves
11 – Wayne Llewellyn
10 – Andy Oldham
9 – John Greaves
8 – Mark Peat
7 – Jason Scott-Webb
6 – Sam Jarvis
5s – Cain Ali

Junior Girls – Sarah Jane Nichols
Senior Girls – Alice Temple

1981 UKBMX Rankings


We’re on a mission to document all of the UK National Rankings from day 1 up until the present time. It’s a tall order but we’re already deep into the first 10 years in both UKBMX and NBMXA and this is actually turning into a fun project. First up, 1981 and the first official year of a National Series in the UK where number 1 plates were given out.

16+ Alan Woods
15 – Andy Ruffell
14 – Nikki Matthews
13 – Brian Jones
12 – Chris Young
11 – Jeremy Gradwell
10 – Scott Barber
9 – Darren Mills
8 – Matt Oakley
7 – Mark Peat
6 & under – Sam Jarvis

Girls 12 & under – Debbie Scott Webb
Girls 13+ – Jane Windle

Andy Welsh – UKBMX National 1, European Champion, World Champion

Today we’re touching on perhaps the most successful and if we’re talking 1986 most dominating and maybe under the radar BMXers to come out of Scotland/England, Mr. Andy Welsh.

By 1984 Andy was already making waves getting on GT and battling with the UK and European Number 1, Wayne Llewellyn in one of the toughest age groups with the likes of Wayne, Simon Hayes, Dean Iddiols who also became European Champions – then add in from the NBMXA side; Nick Dalton, Sean Field, Paul Clarkson the list of names in that age group alone during the 80s was a tall order just to make a National Final.

Still, 1986 was the big year when Andy became UKBMX National number 1, European Champion and then his 15 expert World Championships win at Slough (From gate 8 as well) confirmed the ultimate domination year for the Scotsman.

Andy decided to turn Superlass a year later at 16 and even though he was so young, he took on and battled with UK Number 1, Tom Lynch all year long which went right to the last National at Hounslow with Andy just missing out to the talented, Mr. Lynch. Andy still proved himself holeshotting the European Championships final in Belgium before crashing and who knows what might have happened in Orlando for the 87 Worlds where Andy winning the Supercass semi and it was looking like we were going to see a head to head with the US’s Mike King until Andy unfortunately flipped the gate in the main and never got chance to battle with American Haro number 1. (F**K ) Private joke for the ones that saw the 87 Worlds video!

Andy raced for a few more years but like most Superclass/Pros in the late 80s and early 90s work and life took priority, there was little money in the sport during this time to make it a full time job and like most riders, Andy moved on even though coming back in the mid 90s and still showed he had it when he lined up on the gate.