Congratulations, Stephen Murray! Inducted into The British BMX Hall of Fame

Stephen and his brother Martin grew up in the Northeast of England and began racing BMX in November 1983 at just 3 years old. By the time he was 16, Stephen had been British Champion 9 times, European runner up twice, and also made two World Championship finals, in the 6 & under expert class in Slough 1986 and 10 years later in 16 expert in Brighton.

Along the way, he rode for some of the most iconic teams to ever come out of the UK. GT, the mighty Titan team run by his mum and dad, Cyclecraft, UGP, Robinson, and Haro. However, his real passion was dirt jumping, and having won numerous Squirt of Dirt and King of Dirt events over the years, his dream was to move to the US and ride against the likes of Ryan Nyquist, TJ Lavin, and Cory Nastazio.

When Stephen left college at 18, he made the infamous Bicycles & Dirt video all on his own and made enough money to make the move out to California to live with Dale Holmes, Neal Wood, Paul Roberts, and others to see if the dream could come true. He picked up his first Pro sponsorship deal with Nirve and in his first year in the States he only managed to complete two Dirt Jump contests having broken 9 bones, and 2 KO’s throughout the year. Nirve tried to cancel the remaining year on his contract thinking they’d signed a duffer but a contract is a contract and they would have to see it through. In the 2nd year, Stephen went on to win the 2001 X Games, becoming the first person in the World to pull a double backflip on dirt in competition. Two weeks later he won the Gravity Games pulling another World’s first with the 360 turndown backflip, a trick still not done by anyone else today. Stephen went on to become one of the best dirt jumpers in the World, breaking Guinness World Records and winning the Gravity Games again in 2002. He helped elevate the sport of dirt jumping by pushing the boundaries of big tricks, mixed in with the best style.

Stephen lived the high life in California for the next 6 years with a BMX career most of us could only dream of, and a rock and roll lifestyle you only ever heard of in the movies, until his unfortunate accident in Baltimore in 2007 where he crashed at the Dew Tour Dirt contest and broke his neck. Flatlining 3 times in the first week, Stephen ended up paralyzed from the shoulders down and from that day onwards his life would take a very different turn. Though he lost the use of his body, he never lost the fighting spirit that took him to the top of his sport and saved his life.


Stephen has been an inspiration to not only the BMX world, but to the action sports world for not just what he achieved on his bike and for what he did for dirt jumping, but for how he has managed to Stay Strong in the face of everyday adversities and fight for a better tomorrow. Stephen is courage in-action and a true gent making anyone fortunate to know him, grateful.

Photo – Courtesy of Si Paton Malverns Classic / Michael Evans Street Photography

Richard Eames & Neil Stewart (British BMX Hall Of Fame Hosts)

Richard Eames

If you’ve been to a UK BMX national in the last two decades and have heard an unmistakable Wigan accent on the mic calling the race action, that’s Rich Eames.

Rich has been announcing BMX races for over 20 years, starting at the Coppull ‘Grands’ race as a last minute stand-in, which led to races at every level up to and including the London 2012 Olympics as the venue announcer.

Additionally, Rich has commentated at European Cup rounds with Hall of Fame co-host Neil Stewart, combining their passion for racing with a 26-year friendship, occasionally leading to some unintended, yet hilarious results on the live stream broadcasts.

Add in live BMX World Cup and World Championship commentary for the last four years, this gives Rich unparalleled experience and expertise in ‘talking BMX’ which is why he’s honored to be one of the hosts for the inaugural British BMX Hall Of Fame event.

Neil Stewart

Neil is a former Nightclub DJ who started announcing at BMX Races in the late 90’s. An 80’s racer, Neil decided to return to racing in 1996 after being inspired by watching Dale Holmes win the World Champs in Brighton. 

He’s still racing and also announcing the biggest BMX Races in the world for the UEC and UCI.  Over the past decade, Neil has announced European Rounds, European Championships, World Cups and World Championships.  

Neil’s is now working with his long-term buddy Rich Eames where they host the UEC Livestream Shows for all of the European Cups and European Championships.

EBA British Championships 1989

Supergirls Luli Adeyemo 
Superclass Dale Holmes
Supercruiser Geth Shooter 

17+ Tom Lynch, 16s Anthony Revell, 15s Jamie Staff, 14s Nick Lacey, 13s Andy Please, 12s Matt Boyle, 11s David Maw, 10s Chris Hyde, 9s Tony Gilham, 8s Daniel Worthington, 7s Philip Shirtliffe, 6s Gary Helders, 5s Doug Williams

35+ Cruiser Pete Dymott, 25/34 Cruiser Nigel Rees, 18/24 Cruiser Kevin Sykes 16/17 Cruiser Anthony Revell, 14/15 Cruiser Simon Dowson, 12/13 Cruiser Matt Boyle, 9/11 Cruiser Clint Allender

15 + Girls Lisa Wright, 14 Girls Nicola Stitch, 13 Girls Adele Croxon, 12 Girls Kerie Jane Hopkins, 11 Girls Samantha Giles, 10 Girls Claire Buckinger, 9 Girls 8 Girls Angela Robinson, 7 Girls Joanne Gough, 6 Girls Gemma Worthington, 5 Girls Claire Rees 

1989 EBA National Rankings

Supergirls Luli Adeyemo 
Superclass Dale Holmes
Supercruiser Geth Shooter

17+ Bobby Hyde, 16s Nicky Restall, 15s Jamie Staff, 14s Nick Lacey, 13s Andy Please, 12s Matt Boyle, 11s David Maw, 10s Lee Bertram, 9s Tony Gilham, 8s Danny Worthington, 7s Philip Shirtliff, 6s Gary Helders, 5s Michael Aird. 

40+ Cruiser Pete Dymot, 25/39 Cruiser Clint Hillier, 18/24 Cruiser Darren Collins, 16/17 Cruiser Walter Farrington, 14/15 Cruiser Nick Lacey, 12/13 Cruiser Matt Boyle 11& Under Cruiser Clint Allender 25 + Girls Cruiser Sandra Needham 14/15 Girls Cruiser Lisa Wright 11 & Under Girls Cruiser Michelle Chenery 

15 + Girls Michelle Chenery, 14 Girls Andrea Holtham, 13 Girls Adele Croxon, 11 Girls Jamie Anne Tweedie 10 Girls Claire Buckinger 9 Girls Carley Mayern 8 Girls Melanie Lane, 7 Girls Nicola Anderson 6 Girls Gemma Worthington 5 Girls Claire Rees 

1988 British Championship BBMXA /NBMXA

1400 Riders (Derby Greyhound Stadium)

Superclass/Pro (The Classic)  Dale Holmes, Kim Carbutt, Jamie Vince, Darren O,Neill, Tom Lynch, Neal Wood, Frazer Kennedy, Andy Welsh

17+ Kim Carbutt, 16s Dale Holmes, 15s Anthony Revell, 14s Jamie Staff, 13s Dylan Clayton, 12s David Cash, 11s Matt Boyle, 10s Ross Hill, 9s Lee Bertram, 8s Stu Wilson, 7s Daniel Worthington, 6s Philip Shirtliff, 5s Simon Homans 

35+Cruiser Pete Dymott, 25/34 Cruiser Alec Scott, 16+ Cruiser Dale Holmes, 14/15 Cruiser Anthony Revell, 13 & under Julian Allen

15 + Girls Luli Adeyemo, 14 Girls Claire Edwards, 13 Girls Jo Bradshaw, 12 Girls Sarah King, 11 Girls Jamie-Ann Tweedie, 10 Girls Michelle Richmond, 9 Girls Karren Johnson, 8 Girls Jodie Greenaway, 7 Girls Melanie Lane, 6 Girls Nichola Anderson, 5 Girls Gemma Worthington