Podcast – Lee Alexander

We talk about Lee’s first race in 1981 at Southampton and showing up to the start gate without a helmet, we talk Westway, Hayes Track, getting on Kuwahara National, Ivor J Clark, Boogie Racing, Scorpion and later Hutch & Links.

Lee chats about the guys he battled with, being the only British rider to win at Bercy after getting some great advice from Raleigh’s Dean Iddiols right before his final.

We cover Lee becoming 1986 UKBMX National number 1, not being able to race the Euros in Germany because he was not signed up, and move onto Lee turning Superclass and later Pro and battling for the 1988 Pro title which came down to the last final at the last official Pro race of the 80s at Runnymede.

Lee talks about racing in the early 90s, injuries, hitting the Rave scene, work life and one of his best friends and former Diamondback and Haro rider, Nicky Restall, winning 3.5 Million Pounds on the Lotto and some of the stories that came with Nicky’s big win.

Lee talks about training with Jamie Vince, being confident, focusing on his own race and not what others did which all helped toward his success. We hit on getting back into racing in the mid 2000s, riding for Free Agent and now with his kids both racing and Lee Coaching he’s very involved in his local club Royston alongside so much more.

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