RIP David Duffield

David Duffield one of the key guys that brought BMX to the UK has sadly passed away. David was influential in Halford’s involvement in BMX in the early days with the Redditch Track and legendary events put on by Halford’s like the Anglo American Cup. David was also the TV commentator for the first Kelloggs in 1984 and numerous other BMX Shows that were televised in the early 80s.

Below was posted on the Redditch Premiers BMX Club Page.

UK BMX Pioneer and creator of the original Redditch BMX Track, David Duffield has sadly passed away at age 83 after a fall. David brought the sport of Bicycle Motorcross (BMX) to our shores when he was marketing manager at Halford’s Head Office in Redditch. He always said, “he knew it was going to work!” He played a big part in building the first BMX Track almost opposite the Halford’s Head Office off Icknield Street Drive, in Redditch. The first official BMX race took place on 30th of August 1980 at the Redditch BMX Track. National, regional and open races took place at the track with hundreds of children and young people using it every day.The Redditch BMX Track hosted the first International Anglo American races of 81 and 82- BMX was booming!!! David went on to become a legendary Eurosport Cycling Commentator covering races such as the Tour De France. We tracked David down and invited him to the Redditch BMX Tracks opening ceremony some 30 years later on 10th of July 2010. David left some memorabilia in the Club house for us. Thoughts go out to David’s family and friends. Thank you David and rest in peace x

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  • bigtony

    We were amazed when we first found out about this as well.

    David was known as a real gent in cycling and often alluded to being present when BMX first started in this country but to be honest was very modest about it.

    We found the video footage as well featuring him, at what seems to be the first ever UK BMX race back in 1980 at Redditch.

    We’ve added it to the site at so the road riders get a taste of David’s passion for all types of cycling.

    Best regards and thanks for featuring DD.

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