The 1986 IBMXF World Championships in Slough, England.

Even by 1986, the UK had already hosted many successful events. The Halfords Anglo American at Redditch, The 83 and 84 European Championships at Birmingham Wheels, the 84 and 85 Kelloggs and a handful of International and other major events but nothing on the scale of the 86 Slough Worlds.

There’s so much to touch on with this event that clearly cannot be jammed into one post. The Pro drama alone is a fully-heated story in and of itself so we will leave that for another day.  It was a huge success for the UKBMX organization and for our riders that stepped it up once again on the World stage and we walked away with 6 World Champions.

World Champions

6 & Under Ross Thompson

9s David Maw

15s Andy Welsh

40+ Cruiser John Johns

14/15 Girls Luli Adeyemo

16 + Girls Sarah-Jane Nichols

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