UKBMX /NBMXA Rankings 1983


1983 things get interesting after NBMXA rolls out its first year of National & Regional racing alongside the NBMXA British Championships at Derby Greyhound Stadium. Meanwhile, UKBMX has a full National Series alongside the UK Open Championships at Knebworth House. If anyone has the Knebworth results please let us know so we can add them to the site. It looks like it was not covered in any magazines.

Andy Ruffell becomes the only rider to win 3 UKBMX Title years in a row in 83 Craig Schofield & Tim March win their 2nd. With the start of NBMXA, a whole host of new names became National and British Champions.
Pictured: Debbie Scott Webb (GT) Alice Temple (Robinson) who both won their 2nd UKBMX National titles in 83. Debbie won in 81 and Alice the previous year.

1983 UKBMX Rankings

17+ Tim March, 16s Andy Ruffell, 15s Martin Jose, 14s Craig Schofield, 13s Stu Diggins, 12s Wayne Llewellyn, 11s Damian Myles, 10s Cliff Welley, 9s Danny Stabielli, 8s Jason Spurr, 7s Louis Mears, 6s Dean Stabielli, 5s David Maw

Senior Girls Alice Temple, Intermediate Girls Debbie Scott Webb, Junior Girls Kim Marie Edge

1983 NBMXA National Rankings

17+ Steve Gratton, 16s Mark Cracknell, 15s Ian Harrison or Harvey Monkton, 14s Darrin Stock, 13s Tim Print, 12s Mark O’Connor, 11s Anthony Howells, 10s Tim Hammond, 9s Paul Cobbing, 8s Richard Hunt, 7s Neil Huddart, 6s Steve Cragg, 5s Paul Meyers

Senior Girls Julie Woodward, Intermediate Girls Sarah-Jane Nichols, Junior Girls Debbie Haynes

Cruiser Roger Hammond

1983 NBMXA British Championships

17+ Darren Bullock, 16s Mark Cracknell, 15s Scott Williams, 14s Gary O’Connor, 13s Stu Diggins, 12s Nick Dalton, 11s Brad Smith, 10s John Greaves, 9s Alan Brookes, 8s Zac Taylor, 7s Neil Huddart, 6s Nick Simms, 5s David Maw

Senior Girls Sharon Elliott, Intermediate Women Sarah-Jane Nichols, Junior Girls Rebecca Slowley

Cruiser Dave Thomas

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